After some research on innovative BM in healthcare on this forum and the net, it looks like there isn't much practical experience, best practices, blueprints, models or whatever on this topic.

However, the topic is very relevant and actual, as many healthcare systems are struggling on how to take benefit of the capabilities that eHealth technologies are offering to reshape how healthcare works and cope with the tremendous challenges in front of us. I have been involved in the development of a national eHealth roadmap 2013-2018 with lots of great ambitions to implement eHealth technologies of any kind, but a fundamental question which hasn't been answered is the question about the business model, about who should be responsible to offer what kind of service, and who would pay.

Federal government supposes it just needs to impose the use of eHealth technologies to private healthcare providers to reduce its cost and have better statistics for policy making and control.

Private healthcare providers are reluctant to execute on the expectations because there is no additional funding while they already have to cut costs and don't see enough benefits of implementing government.

Health insurers are organised to pay their customers according to the established transactional system, i.e. they pay back per doctor visit or prescription, but not to take care of a healthy life, thus making the overal cost of healthcare expensive and not sustainable.

Healthcare technology providers come up with great innovative technical solutions, but most of them don't seem to survive very long due to lack of a survivable business model. Government is dissappointed in the industry as they haven't come up with break-through solutions, hence government is taking initiatives itself further scrutinising the role of establish technology vendors.

Of course, the healthcare system is complex in nature, and every country or state has its own characteristics, but this can't be an excuse for the lack of a survivable business model.

Have some people been working on this topic before? Are there any best practices? Any blueprint (or just building blocks of a blueprint)?

I'll continue working on this topic, but if others have similar questions or initiatives, it would be great to know...

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The topic of new IT-driven business models in health care has received quite some attention under different labels such as mobile health, tele-health, etc. It may not always be labeled 'business model.'

See here a summary of one of my papers in that area from a while ago (I am currently not that active in this domain).

Best wishes, Erwin

Hello Erwin,

Thanks for the reply. Indeed topics such as mobile health and tele-health are well-known in the sector. However, still then in the discussions on these topics people usually talk about the capabilities of technologies and how these could change people's lives or how government deals with healthcare, without looking for a long-term survivable business model. I have seen many superb new technologies in areas such as AAL (ambient assisted living), but as long as nobody wants to pay for them, you don't get anywhere. Hence my search for some sort of template which could be used when designing innovative eHealth projects ....


Yes, various technologies related to mobile health care are available, but we do need a viable business model to help customers and generate profit for service providers. Hans, it is an excellent topic, and I hope people contribute more thoughts to it.



I have been working on building this myself for the American healthcare system.

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for sharing. Even though the american system is somewhat different that most of the european healthcare systems, I'm curious to know what patterns you found to be most applicable in this context. I am involved in developing a training course for healthcare enterpreneurs so I'm in the mids of collecting & assembling the information. Would be happy to share what can be shared along the path...



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