Please see this prototype from "Syddansk University" in Denmark.

It is quite interesting. Theres is a youtube video explaning the concept.

Find it here:


/Jonas Giannini

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Thanks for sharing it Jonas!


Could you tell us more about the concept, the link is down and I'm very interested.

Hi Jane,

the link is still working on my pc?

Try using a different browser...:-)

Weird, a collegue also tried in Firefox and still a NO-GO. What browser are you using? Also, I'm going to see if for some reason there's a block at work (security wise).

I even tried on my iPad, still doesn't work. Maybe they are blocking access too from certain countries. Strange seeing as I'm in Europe.

Chrome, IE and firefox. Whatever supports the homepage I am looking at:-)

Buy maybe you are right on a possible security block? Best of luck...

Hi again,

Since we can't figure out why we can't access it could you tell me just two things:

Is the product (a BMC generator) complete or in the conception aand testing stage? (Since my interest is to see how it works and if well, then to purchase it.)

Could you pass me a contact email so I can explain to them our problem with accessing the site.


Oh I found the You Tube video (you mentioned) on the product:


And now can see the tool, so I left a message for them there and also found the school's site discussing the tool (in Danish).  http://www.idea-denmark.dk/resource-pages/nyheder/article/nyt-vaerk... (No project info in English.)

Still can't find a project email for the tool's team though to get access to the tool. 

Hi Jonas

Interesting tool - I'm just wondering about a single detail: I cannot see a disclaimer about data protection. Do you know if data entered is stored in any way by the software without the user's knowledge?

Being the most valuable asset, I think no entrepreneur wants his business idea out into the world without him knowing. :)



Hi Dominik,

I actually have no idea of their data disclaimer? As the tool is being part of a "university environment" and not commercialized I am not sure they thought about data security?

But if you put in your email - you get following copyright message:


The IDEA-BMC.DK website may not be copied, imitated, or distributed in any way, in whole or in part, without the express prior written consent of IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre (kontakt@idea.sdu.dk). You may not sell or resell any part of the website or access to the website. IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre cannot be held responsible for the output generated by the tool or any loss of data associated with the use of idea-bmc.dk.


Cheers, Jonas


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