If you are a beginner and crazy about innovation and entrepeneur, here I bring some interesting links of nice MOOC,s about this knowledge.

The first is Steve Blank's course in Udacity: 

"How to build a StartUp" https://www.udacity.com/course/viewer#!/c-ep245/l-48743167/m-48750057

Or if you prefer the same but in UniMOOC Platform: http://aemprende.unimooc.com/unit?unit=2&lesson=1#/

The second one is in spanish translated (with voice in spanish, more comfortable for spanish students who are not abel to understand well english)

Another masterpiece is: "Entrepeneur 101: who is your customer" en Edx platform, highly focused on customers identification. By MITx

There are a lot of MOOCs about specialized entrepeneurship: healthcare enviroments, social entrepeneurship, etc. I recomend you platsforms as Coursera, or Miriadax (introducing level in their courses, generally: here there will be one very interesting, in a new edition: "Innotools, about Business Model Canvcas and Empathy Map)

If we talk about tools, let me introduce you two powerful platforms: 

Lean Monitor: https://leanstartup.leanmonitor.com Here you'll be able to create your own project, based on Lean StartUp Method

Strategyzer : a platform for learnign and building StartUps https://strategyzer.com

And a lot of them, in addition, I'll try to introduce you more about courses, tools, bibliography, etc in several next posts.

Greetings from Catalunya (Spain)

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