...or we could meet for a breakfast in London on Jan 20.


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As a Londoner, I would be interested to meet up with a fellow hub member who is passing through the city.
Is there a particular time/location that may suit you on the 20th? Equally I could make suggestions of a venue. Regards Nicky
Nicky, I was in London in January. I'll let you know the next time I'm around. Actually I'm in Manchester at the moment. All the best. Marc
Hi Londoners, we are starting to organize a business model workshop on April 29. Pencil in the dates if you're interested. More soon!

london is one of the most beautiful city in the world

What are you doing??

I will have the trip to London, but I don`t know exacly if it will be February or January.. Leave me your contacts, please and then we can meet to discuss some business opprotunities of exchange the experience. Something like businessmodelhub meeting. If anybode wlse want to take part in it, please write

London is a great city! I hope to go there again soon...


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