The telecommunications market has been increasingly segmented, so technological advances have created other possibilities in terms of services or products, trying to better meet the needs of consumers.

In this way, organizations should adjust to the news trends, being competitive and adjusting their activities (people) to the new processes (actions) and structures.

The Business Model Generation helps telecomm companies on the vision, when is necessary to break up telecommunications services into distinct branches, such as: Infrastructure Management, Research and Development (Innovation) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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Telecommunication market is growing and companies however big or small they are must have a sure-shot business model. A strategic planning and its implementation can only lead to success. Not as a broadband service provider like BT, Talktalk and Virgin Media, we provide only broadband comparison through our website but still it is very challenging in terms of customer relationship and market competitiveness.

Very true. I believe telecommunication industry should adapt new business models to serve customer requirements


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