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I woul like to use the Canvas to build a marketing plan for a business that is not very mature in term of marketing strategy .  Any advices / recommendations? 

thank you!

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The content of the front stage components (Customer segments,. Value proposition, Channels and Customer relationships) should hold all the material you need to create a viable marketing plan.

Part of the strategy could include a channel strategy model - can be found in the Channels explanation at the beginning of Business Model Generation.

A major component of a marketing document would be the strategies to acquire and retain customers (Customer Relationships) as well as the ongoing support of the customers.

Key to it all, in a marketing document, is how all these elements will line up with the identified customers.

If you have developed customers profiles and value maps (value proposition canvas) the content of the gain creators and pain relievers are the core information you need for your marketing messages.

Hope that gets you started.

many thanks!!!


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