I'm a new resident of Chicago. I have been working as a research associate in a leading pharmaceutical company based in Hamilton. Last month, our family moved to Chicago after selling all the properties in Canada. Now, we are planning to start a seafood restaurant in the new place. I know it's a difficult task and a lot of preparations need to be made in advance.

I have done all the registration formalities and rented a space in the city center. Advertising is very important for a restaurant and it is also a big part of restaurant management. Usually, restaurant managements spend at least 4% of their revenues on marketing. Since we are launching a new venture, chances are very less to survive without advertisements. But, careful planning and thoughtful execution are really essential to attract more potential customers. I have heard of guerrilla street marketing strategy that focuses on low-cost unconv... tactics that yield maximum results. Can someone list out the best shops providing such services in the city? Thank you in advance!

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Hello Richerd.
To grow your restaurant business, you can create your business page on various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc and can post about your restaurant. Post photos, People's reviews even your menu! this will help you to get more costumers. You can also create your website later to take your business online.


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