I'm a new resident of Chicago. I have been working as a research associate in a leading pharmaceutical company based in Hamilton. Last month, our family moved to Chicago after selling all the properties in Canada. Now, we are planning to start a seafood restaurant in the new place. I know it's a difficult task and a lot of preparations need to be made in advance.

I have done all the registration formalities and rented a space in the city center. Advertising is very important for a restaurant and it is also a big part of restaurant management. Usually, restaurant managements spend at least 4% of their revenues on marketing. Since we are launching a new venture, chances are very less to survive without advertisements. But, careful planning and thoughtful execution are really essential to attract more potential customers. I have heard of guerrilla street marketing strategy that focuses on low-cost unconv... tactics that yield maximum results. Can someone list out the best shops providing such services in the city? Thank you in advance!

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