I am one of the co-founders of a startup. We started out a few years ago, we have funding, but we never really had a product of our own (Mostly stayed afloat with outsourced projects.) Now we have a prototype for a new product, and we have raised quite a bit of funding for this. Most of our investors think that moving to US will be the right direction for the company due to the proximity to new developments.

We already have an office in Toronto and around 25 people work there. A discussion with current employees showed that they are open to moving. So we are moving forward with this decision. Our current worry is about the office equipment we have here. Trying to sell them on eBay was not really successful. Couple of companies actually contacted us saying that they will help with the sale for a commission. Also, we found this company who does office equipment liquidation online. The available choices are confusing us. So do comment your opinion.

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