I updated the layout and menu structure of the hub and also enabled the groups and events features, as well as top content.


Please let me know what you think, and how the hub can be improved. Groups can have their own discussions and might helpful in creating special interest groups. Events can help in attracting members of the community to your event and are visible on each page.




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Like the new layout - much more up to date


Not sure about the red colours though but that is somewhat personal


Overall a success!

Just a matter of semantics but how is "Reply" appropriate in a "Discussion" since it is not a just a Q/A forum.

Excellent initiative. The Hub is getting a facelift :-)

Looks good. I still have to familiarize myself with the navigation here as it is only the last few days I have been seriously involved here!

Since I'm newer to the group, perhaps I just don't know how to do this, but is there a way to see and follow your posts and replies to posts?  For the moment as a newbie, I use the hub for help and ideas, so I'd like to track my own interests as well as others.



HI Jane

From the  main page, select the "You" tab.

On the left side, in the navigation pane under your picture, there are links to your discussion contributions, blog posts, groups and events to which you belong and any photos you may have uploaded.

Thanks so much!  I clicked my name up top (I assume that's what you meant by the "You" tab and it took me to a my profile type page and I saw the discussions.  Thanks! 

Excellent initiative. The Hub is getting a facelift :-)

Hey there. I'm new to the community. Hence, it's getting difficult for me to understand this whole conversation. But I would really like to get involved in here.


If you check the date on this discussion you will notice it is quite some time ago. This discussion is closed. We leave it in the archives in case someone wants to follow the evolution of the Hub.


Hub Administrator 


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