Hello everyone. A quick question. Can anyone let me know what scopes are available for online business.

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That is a very broad question which is, at best, difficult to answer. Can you narrow the challenge down with more detail?

Hahaa! Yes sure. Actually I came across an infographic recently that gave a list of some best online business for 2017. Here's the link to it. http://blog.distributel.ca/best-online-businesses/ I was wondering, what other better ways could be available other than these few, as online businesses are surely increasing it's pace. 

Electronic Commerce is more than just buying and selling products online. It also includes the entire online process of developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services. India has shown tremendous growth in the E-commerce segment. With an internet user base of over 300 million, India has third largest internet population after US & China.


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