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Could we already be looking at the future consulting model ? Namely, that is crowdsourcing and online communities ?
Could we already be looking at the future consulting model ? Namely, that is crowdsourcing and online communities ?
Very interesting topic. Are there already some who are writing a chapter on strategy consulting?

Absolutely, it's a fascinating subject and the conversation has already been very insightful.


We (21apps) are already incorporating some of these ideas in a new offering we have developed call 'Governance as a Service' which we are currently offering to our SharePoint & Office 365 clients.


It will be very interesting to see (and be a part of) how the 'new' consulting business models evolve!

wow, sounds very good. can I find the offering somewhere already, is it accessible to us?

Yes absolutely.


Although the offering is currently targeted at SharePoint & Office 365 we absolutely know and feel that this can and does apply to any technology platform (Lotus, SAP, Google, 37Signals etc).


The rationale behind the offering is here:

The overview of the offering is here:


The Service Description and more detail is here:


I'd be very interested in your thoughts (and the rest of the community) in what we are creating here!

Interesting, thanks for the information. As a student, I'll first keep on following the discussions. Give my thougts where I think I can contribute:) Another thanks.

I think the consulting business can be reconstructed on the basis of designing business models for each of the areas they serve. Each business area means defining value propositions for specific customer segments, with resources, activities and various key suppliers and therefore require particular strategies.

I find this discussion very interesting but for me it's very hard to relate to. It seem like everyone here is part of a multi-partner organization while I am a sole practitioner. I'm finding it rather difficult to apply all that I'm learning from folks to my organization of one.

I am also an army of one. I have learned a great deal from my association and discussions with members of the hub. Key thoughts that have guided me in establishing my practice:
  • it is not about time and effort, it's about either product specific pricing (as Patrick van der Pijl talked about set prices for products like workshops), or value pricing (based on the scale and impact of the consultancy). I do not price by hourly or daily rates
  • consultancy is about the transfer of knowledge and skills to enable the customer to be better able to do the work, contracting is about taking the work off the table for them - I focus on consultancy, not contracting.
  • the products I deliver are standardized, i.e. the clients know exactly what they are getting as an engagement (education and innovation workshops - single or multi-day). There is the possibility of customization as the conceptual agreement establishes the needs of the client.
  • being a one-person shop has its advantages in a very low overhead that needs to be covered in the pricing. I do not operate out of an office, I am mobile.
  • this approach does bring its challenges as you are not following the traditional, procurement based approach to opportunities (rfp responses), but are relying much more heavily on network-effect and exposure to bring in contracts.

Thanks for the advice Mike. I'll definitely use it to filter other threads.

If interested I've just started a 4 Part series titled Management Consulting Will be Disrupted and would love your opinion on the issues I've raised


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