Our company has recently embarked upon several discussion around our business model but we feel the need for outside consultation too aid us in the process.

We are based in the NY & PA area in the US.

Please advise how I may find this help.

Christopher Swan

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A couple of questions to help clarify your need.

What type of engagement are you considering? Do you want this person to advise your company, provide ongoing support for the discussions around your business model, provide education in business design and business model thinking for your business leaders, or to run a business model innovation workshop?

Are you looking for someone located in the US, local or nationally situated, or are you willing to bring someone in from outside the country?

We are looking for someone to help us through the modelling process, advising on it's execution and acting as a moderator in the meetings to ensure we deliver a complete answer. I believe this would require on going support and training for our Executive team and Senior managers. Most of these people are based in or near New York. We would be prepared to bring somene in to achieve these goals.


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