Shouldn't the 'Customer Relationshop' path be represented by a double ended arrow?

Any feedback regarding the design of the dynamic representation of the model on pages 18 and 19. Given that the marketing concept, indicates that marketing is customer driven - shouldn't the arrow linking the 'Value Proposition' and the 'Customer Segments', and labeled 'Customer Relationships' be a double ended arrow?


A small point, but, as visualized indicates a one way relationship and a lack of interaction. As opposed to embracing the current trends towards Customer Relationship Management, Customer Managed Relationships or simply the contemporary collaborative relationship between businesses and consumers?


Perhaps this feedback loop is implied by the 'Channels' Arrow, but shouldn't it be explicit (?) and reflective of the nuances of touchpoints or loyalty beyond reason? As Neumeier says about brand, "It's not what you think, it's what they think." A small point, but perhaps crucial? Interaction and perception are everything.

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