Hi, I work for a small business dedicated to create books and films. We are having a lot of trouble to find a software or a really simple program, for dummies, to keep our incomes and expenses in order. They all seem to be too complicated or to simple, like the ones recommended for the economy at home. I would appreciate a lot any advice or suggestion!


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Look into http://lessaccounting.com/  or PulseApp.com and hope they help

Thanks for your help Dillon!

Wow! These also look really great. So how does someone decide between them? I think everyone wants something besides QB. These cloud-based solutions all look compelling. My quick take is on the UI front, I like SohoOS the best. Less Accounting looks robust but as someone who loves accounting I am put off by the dislike they express for accounting as 'boring'. They are passionate for the product but I would like for them to also be passionate about accounting which is actually quite beautiful to me. Really. Like a revelation. A miracle that makes the modern world possible. Pulse looks the most corporate and definitely gets the focus right - cash flow. 

I would recommend checking out http://www.sohoos.com/welcome/. I hope that helps!

Thanks a lot Vanessa!

This look cool too! If it works at least as well as QBonline then I would recommend this instead. I will definitely look at it for my own business. Thank you for sharing. 

Do you have inventory? That will complicate things. Othwerwise Quickbooks online is simple and easy to use. If you do not have a bookkeeping background, hire someone to help you set up the chart of accounts. This is really important. Then for the first few months get that person to come back and review with you how you are allocating expenses until you get the hang of it. If you get set up right from the beggining you will be SOOOO much happier in the long run. It's a real pain to untangle these things and mostly not even worth it. So if you want good data on your financial performance do it now. 

True, there are a lot of business accounting softwares available. But you need to understand your what your considerations are before you choose a software. Basically, the prime concern is the budget. Your software cost should always be factored into your budget.

Considering that there are a lot of accounting softwares available, go for the ones that best complement your needs.There are also some softwares that offer trial versions. Although most of them has limited functionality; but by this way, you’ll get a feel of its interface and functionality.

You may browse the Internet for reviews. It may give you a better hint of what to avail.

QuickBooks is the number one software for small businesses used by 90% of small businesses.  I mean seriously, that's a huge chunk of market share.  The reason most businesses use it is because it's intuitive, it can do everything that you need it to do, and most other book-keepers already know how to use it.

Now QuickBooks has a desktop version and an Online version.  I would recommend the online version, because then you can easily get help from remote accountants at a fraction of what your local accounting firm will cost.  Check out Upwork if you are looking for a remote accountant.

If you are putting together a budget, then I would highly recomend you check out the free webinar video and downloadable budgeting spreadsheets at this ...   It is seriously, 100% FREE.  No click bait.


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