Recently purchased the BMG book and joined the community here. Being relatively new to working with business models I found the concepts and potential applications of the methodology insightful and useful. However, I am working on a project which is to be transformational as well as incorporate elements of both service and products (chicken and egg dilemma to some extent). Further, it incorporates elements / attributes which at the core would exist across typically divisive business functions (customer relationship, infrastructure and product innovation).

I am looking for non IT based examples of coexistent models or ones which target Product Innovation for commodity related businesses. More specifically, looking to determine which elements of the canvas may be the key to unlocking synergies across a broad range of services or products. I found the prior posted discussion on consultancy business modeling the most helpful to date.

Appreciate any insight or direction towards relevant examples. 

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I reckon the tactic you need to pursue is to commit the new concept to the business model canvas and then start applying and working though the assessment process on page 213 of the book.

I also use Osterwalder's checklist which he had in his initial thesis which has some questions associated with onnovating a business model.

So rather than scratch around too much for other examples just get stuck into wrestling with the BMG framework.


Ian Harris

iharris at

Working through that now and will continue to develop. Appreciate the response.

Hi Ken:  Maybe I can provide some more info that may help you.  I have been using the business model canvas for service and information product development - email me at, with some more specific questions and I would be happy to help or explain. I think you are also in New Jersey, right? I am too.    


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