Hello dear hubsters,

I've recently published a new business design tool as an add-on to the business model canvas, called the partnership canvas. The partnership canvas is designed to help you work out the strategic rationale for value exchange with a partner's business model. 

You can read the primer on the partnership canvas and download the template  

I've also published a workshop game for using the canvas on the Gamestorming Wiki 

I hope this tool will be of use to you, and I look forward to receiving your feedback on it if you have some insights you would like to share!

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Great tool, Bart! I'm looking to leverage it with the Business Model You canvas as well. I'm hopeful in its ability to facilitate answers to how individuals can fit with a company as well.


Hi Jeremy!

Thanks for your note! Good to hear! Do share your experiences on use of the tool. I think that it would indeed be interesting to try the tool out on a personal level too.

If you're interested, you can sign up to the early user group for the tool here: http://bit.ly/partnershipcanvassignup

I'm currently working on some tweaks, and I will release new updates/insights as they develop through this group first.



Great idea! 

I will try to adapt it to the business model of my company!

Looking forward to nice results !

Thanks Saulo! Keep me posted on your findings and experience with using the tool!

Any word on this? If you've been able to give the canvas a spin, I would love to hear your stories, and help where I can! 



A very interesting tool! It complements the approach I've used for partnership building, which is based on the exploration of the three types of interests for both parties: common interests, different interests and opposed interests. Most partnerships approaches focus on common interests; I've found personally that the different interests are often more important, and that ignoring or minimizing opposite interests substantially increase the risk of failure.

Looking forward to further discuss these issues...


Thanks for the response Gilles!

Indeed, getting to know the interest of partners is very important. They're not always the same. Getting that out on the table as early as possible is very important.

There are a couple of aspects to the process of partnership design that the partnership canvas facilitates to this end:

1. It's not only about what you think will be "in it" for you and the partner. Your partner needs to have that same perspective. By mirroring perspectives with the partnership canvas you can check for that fit.

2. The desired value, value offer, and transfer activities create synergy. There definitely needs to be unity of interest on that. Created value, however, can be different for each partner. For instance in the Facebook-Spotify partnership, Facebook created a whole new music streaming value proposition, while Spotify created a new channel that reached to a new audience in the US.

3. Lastly, the partnership discussion also needs to consider the impact to the partners' business models. If the impact is not significant enough to one of the partners, they are likely to pull out of the partnership. Here, again, the partners don't necessarily have to get equal value out of the deal. But the value needs to be significant enough for each to have an incentive to be in the partnership.

Just some thoughts on where to address issues of congruence and unity in the partnership design process


I  used to make the canvas on the paper, but it`s a nice opportunity to use done template. Thank you.


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