I'm Angelina Verzina and I study Management Engineering.
I'm struggling with the thesis and the main topic will cover the CRM and the use of Canvas in it. Do you know any issue on which I could concentrate? I would like to focus on strategic side of the business model canvas in particular on the blocks channel and relationships, but I don't know how to structure the problem.
Greetings and thanks in advance to those who will say.

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What are your thoughts on the subject at this point in your thesis development? What problem are you having trouble structuring?



I don't know what other topics link with relationship and channels. I can't find a method that allows me to help you choose which channels are better for the relationships that the organization have with the customer. Can you suggest me some topic?

If you break down the two components of channels and customer relations you are considering the interplay of the strategies (CR) you are going to use for acquiring and retaining customers and the mechanisms (CH) you will use to enable communications and transacting business.

I would find it interesting to see an analysis of a number of companies and how they make choices around capturing, retaining and growing customers, and the specific channels they use.

Let me give you an example. I have a consulting firm. Critical to my work is to be known as an expert in my field and have exposure. One of my strategies for getting new customers is to have a public profile on social media. But I have limited time and interest in social media, so I make the conscious choice to only use the channels of Twitter and LinkedIn. I don't use Facebook or Instagram, or other social media channels.

BTW the BM Innovation Hub is another of my CH mechanisms that relates to my CR strategy of speaking and sharing expertise (also includes speaking at conferences). I have had companies approach me for consulting support based on the advice and expertise I share on the Hub.

You may want to pitch to your professors this type of analysis - the relationship between strategy and mechanisms - as your thesis problem. I know I would be interested in hearing what you discover.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll propose to the professor certainly. 

I spoke to my prof and he asked me to find a tool or an index to measure the relationship between strategy and mechanisms. I also need to understand better what it is meant by customer relationship and channels. Can you suggest me any links or books to explore this problem?

It is are for me to imagine what your professor is looking for in terms of a tool or index that would allow you to numerically measure the relationship between strategies and mechanisms.

Customer relationships is about the strategies you will follow to acquire, retain and encourage business with your customers - known as GET-KEEP-GROW. Having a strong social media presence would be one of those strategies.

Channels are the mechanisms you use to communicate and to transact business with your customers. In the above case you may implement your social media strategy through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube. You wold likewise identify the channels you would use to actually transact business - website, storefront, sales force...

Here are a coupe of suggestions for reading that might help you to find the answer to measuring and correlating strategies and mechanisms for business:

Traction: Startup Guide To Getting Customers by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

The Lean Startup by Eric Reis (has a couple of sections on startup metrics for getting customers)

The Startup Owner's Manual by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf

Hope these help

Hi Thesis how are you 



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