Hello fellow hubbers, I just received my copy of the book. Very exiciting to be a part of this.

I live and work in Boston, Massachusetts and was talking with Patrick van der Pijil about the possibility of scheduling a meet up somewhere in the north eastern US, most likely Cambridge MA. Is there anyone in the community that would be interested in working with me to schedule this event?

Thank you and regards,
Frank Della Rosa

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yes I would be interested. I have a heavy travel schedule but I would love to meet up. When are you thinking of? I am seeing a fellow hubber tomorrow, I can ask.
Hi Heather, I was thinking about sometime later this week or next week. After that, I'll be traveling for a while. Are there a few days that would work best for you? Regards, Frank
I'm interested as well, and will be meeting Heather tomorrow. I'm in Arlington, so Cambridge sounds good to me!
Hi Ellen,

Are there any days over the next 2 weeks that work for you? We can meet at the Hult International Business School in Cambridge, across from the Science Museum.
Regards, Frank
Frank - I'm in the Financial District in Boston, MA. Depending on scheduling, availability, we have a conference room that could host 20-30 people. Whether we host it or not, would definitely be interested in a Business Model Innovation Meetup.

Given the Swiss connection (to Alex), perhaps it could be hosted at the Swiss Consulate in Cambridge - I haven't been to their new facilitiies, but can imagine it's only better than it was when I last visited 2-3 years ago. Pascal Marmier at Swissnex would be who I'd reach out to.

This week and next, I'm tied up, but 2nd week of November I'd be available. Somewhere "in Boston" rather than out around 95 is right up my alley - wherever is convenient for the other interested parties.

Dan Keldsen
Hi Dan, Thanks for replying and for offering a location. I'm in contact with the Hult International Business School about using their campus to meet. They are directly across from the science museum. I'm open to whatever location works best for all. There are 2 other people that would like to join so far. There must be others out there. I'll be in touch as soon as I hear back from folks.

Best regards,


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