I'm Angelina Verzina and I study Management Engineering. I'm searching for my thesis the Value proposition canvas of Starbucks, Amazon and Apple. Can you help me?

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You are more likely to receive support and input if you put up a version of a the business model for these companies and ask for feedback or comment. Asking other people to do the work rarely gets a response in the Hub.

Hi Angelina. Is this what you are looking for? Regards, Bob Ell
a. Coffee aficionados
b. Mobile professional coffee drinkers
c. Student coffee drinkers
a. Enjoy a good cup of coffee
b. Do business and have a coffee
c. Have a coffee, hang out & do homework
Cafes .. Restaurants .. Coffee shops
a. Good coffee .. A pleasant environment .. Comfortable seating + Cafes, restaurants and traditional coffee shops offer boring coffee in boring environments
b. + Cafes, restaurants and traditional coffee shops are not conducive to doing business
c. A place to hang out and do homework + Can’t hang out and do homework in a cafe or restaurant
a. Customized coffee
b. An environment that is conducive to doing business .. Free wi-fi .. Work spaces
c. Access to the internet
a. "A pleasant environment where you can get a good cup of coffee” .. Coffees and healthy alternative beverages co-created with the customer by baristas .. Comfortable seating .. Free wi-fi .. Work spaces .. Pleasant surroundings
b. "A pleasant environment between home and the office where you can carry on business"
c. "A pleasant environment where you can hang out with friends, do homework, study, read books and surf the Internet"


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