I've created a new business model. It helps you to find fitments that you've seen somewhere but you don't know how to get them. Very happy to get your thoughts.

The presentation of my business model is divided into two parts: (1) Presentation of the idea (2) Canvas BM. 


The pain point: You see a fitment (in a cafe, in a video etc.). You like it. But you don’t where to get it from.

The solution: An application that identifies the fitment for you.

How it works: You upload a picture of the fitment (e.g. table, chairs, curtain.). A community identifies the fitment and posts the required information below the picture (name, manufacturer, retailer etc.). Now, you can buy it.


Customer Segment 

The app uses its community to identify the requested fitment. We see two particular customer segments:

  1. Fitment hunters – people who see a fitment that they would like to have but don’t know how to get it. 
  2. Fitment finders – people who identify the requested fitment. 

Value Proposition

  1. Fitment hunters – They get the information they need to buy the fitment they want.
  2. Fitment finders – They like to help people but also to show off their knowledge.
  3. Both – Inspiration for new furniture (browse through the uploaded items).

An application – hunters upload the fitment they are looking for. Finders comment on the picture and provide information. The fitments appear in a timeline sorted by categories. 

Customer Relationship

Crowdsourced assistance – the relationship consists of the interaction between the community.

Revenue Streams

The app is completely for free.

We sell data to furniture manufactures: We know what people are looking for. Trends can be predicted and customised ads could be run (based on the furniture consumer’s are looking for). 

Key resources

App, community

Key Activities

Marketing – the app only works if a powerful community of finders is active.

Key Partnerships

Furniture manufactures we can sell the data to.


Marketing (customer acquisition)
App development + app license

I'm looking forward to your thoughts, criticisms, questions.

Thank you! 

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