"SEMPORCES Chain": How to Create Dent-In-The-Universe (DITU) Games for Product and Business Model Innovation - Part 1



What is Steve Jobs' greatest legacy?

It really depends on whom you ask. For me, it's not the iPhone. It's not the iPod. It's not iTunes. It's not even the iPad! For me, it's the Mission Statement of "We are here to put a dent in the Universe."

All of Steve Jobs' great accomplishments can be traced to this very inspiring Personal Mission Statement or 'Big Hairy Audacious Goal' of putting a dent in the universe. Typical of Jobs, he first defines the visionary end, Perfect Object (PO), or Ideal Final Result (IFR) and later searches for the means to achieve it. Without such an apparently impossible mission or vision, I doubt whether Jobs would have consistently delivered such a wide range of seemingly impossible products and business model innovations such as for iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and iPad ... and even Pixar, the pioneering computer animation studio with mega-hit films such as Toy Story, Cars, and Ratatouille.

To put a dent in the universe is a laudable goal. But, how does the rest of us do it? Here again, Steve Jobs offers a terse and cryptic statement: "Think Different." But, how does one Think Different? Herein lies the great mystery of Steve Jobs and Apple. And therein lies the SEMPORCES Chain which holds the key to ubiquitously thinking different.

For many years, I've been observing and studying "Thinking Different" in multiple disciplines. I'm convinced that not only can Thinking Different be learned and taught but also it can be mastered especially for Product and Business Model Innovation. Admittedly, there's a Science (the known, systematic, and repeatable) and an Art (the mysterious, organic, and unique) to Thinking Different. For now, I'll focus on the Science of Thinking Different.

Like in Science, there are predictable patterns, principles, and 'laws' governing the domain of Thinking Different especially for product and business model innovation. And I've come to believe that games are the 'funnest' means or keys for unlocking our highest potential for product and business model innovation. In a few years, we'll be using 3D games for developing as well ad delivering product and business model innovations.

So far, however, the large majority of games in the context of product and business model innovation tends to be icebreakers. And these icebreakers, which are designed to create a relaxed atmosphere as well as increase the flow of ideas in a group, tend to have little or no relationship to the core activities of product and business model innovation. But, what if the business model itself was an icebreaker or the icebreaker was a business model? What if the seeds of Product and Business Model Innovation were planted in a series of icebreaker games?

This latter question will be addressed in Part 2 of this posting. In the meantime, it would be great to hear your thoughts on 'Thinking Different' or 'Dent-In-The-Universe (DITU)' Games for Product and Business Model Innovation.



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