Many solopreneurs are deskbound these days or working from a laptop in some coffee shop.  Particularly when we are focused on getting certain tasks done, we can stay that way for hours on end.  The result?  We get stiff, out of shape, develop poor posture and our health ultimately suffers.  My new favourite tool to combat it is Stretchclock


I found Stretchclock when I was looking for something that would remind me to take a break.  I tried the various timers on my computer and a few other apps offered out there but this little gem fits me perfectly!  Essentially it is a reminder clock that sits in the background and goes off every 30, 40, etc. minutes (you set the time).  It either reminds you to get up and do a stretch or exercise; or it opens up a window where some guy in a bad suit is doing a stretch on a lake or beach somewhere.  It can be pretty funny as well.  All the stretches/exercises are one minute or less and you can simply click them off or do what I do – stop whatever I’m doing and just do the stretch/exercise. 


Why do I love it so much?  Here’s my highlights:


  • It’s free.  That’s a good one right there but I have gone the whole way and now pay $12/year for the “premium” model which has a bunch more exercises/stretches and which I can adapt.  $12 for my health?  Not a bad deal!
  • Timing is flexible.  I currently set the clock for every 40 minutes but have done it for 30. 
  • Easy to load up.  It takes a couple of minutes to load it on your computer and takes up no space at all.
  • It’s funny.  I like funny.  Particularly when I’m sitting in front of the bloody computer all day.  There’s something about a badly dressed, sort of out of shape guy, doing stretches on a lake, that makes me smile.  Odd that :-).
  • It’s quick.  If I want, I can continue doing the stretch/exercise for a bit longer (I never do) but it’s all done in a minute or less.
  • Forces me to get up.  You can do a lot of the exercises sitting down (not bad if you are in a cubicle and don’t want to look odd) but I like the idea that if forces me to get up on a regular basis.  I am amazed sometimes when it goes off and I realize I have been sitting for 40 minutes and didn’t notice!
  • It keeps me from dying early.  Apparently, no matter how much exercise we do, sitting is killing us.  Our bodies don’t like us to sit.  A study sent to me by a fellow solopreneur, client and world class posture specialist, was very clear on that point.  I like living.  If it requires that I get up a few times a day and stretch, I’ll do it.


That’s it.  That’s my solopreneur health tip of the day :-).  Try out stretchclock if you feel like living a little better and a little longer and if you have a moment, tell me what you do to keep from going crazy in the chair!

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