Marketing Yourself - Make Those Calls

Getting some of my solopreneur clients to market themselves is hard.  Getting them to make calls and follow-up with their networks and former contacts is almost impossible.  However, there is still nothing out there in the marketing world that is as powerful as simply picking up a phone and calling some cold and warm contacts.  So, let me tell you about an email that I received yesterday from a current client.  Very exciting in a coach sort of way :


Matt (not his real name of course) is just starting his business, which is a bookkeeping/tax service.  He is relatively new to Canada but did work for a few years in a couple of similar businesses.  He is older and wants to get his business moving.  During our discussions on marketing, he asked whether he should call his old contacts and/or walk around the area where his business is located and introduce himself to the other small businesses to see if they would use his service.  He didn't know if that was OK in Canada.  Of course, I said "YES" and encouraged him to do both.  To make a long story short, here is his email from yesterday.   The names have been slightly altered of course and I have left all grammar and spelling the same.  


FYI, yesterday I called 3 companies from my previous employment contact.

1. XXXXXX Auditing company confirm to use my service. I made called at the right time, because she just close her Inc., open a proprietorship and need an accountant.

2. XXXXX Transport, he want to switch his accountant and will consider me if my rate is cheaper than his current accountant.

3. XXXXXX Forwarding, will consider.

Today I had a meeting with Mr. XXXX, CA, he promised me to subcontract his clients to me.

I just came at the right time too because before we met he want to subcontract his clients to India.

Tomorrow, I will make warm calls again, hopefully I got more prospective clients.



Out of four calls/meetings he got two clients and a couple of possibles!  50% hit rate at least!  Fabulous.  It also proves one of the great truisms of business - Sometimes just being there is the best way to get business. 


End of story.  Now, get out there and call someone!


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