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Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid - Positioning

For anyone out there who has bought or wants to buy a suit, let me ask you two questions:  What is the most important element in your buying decision; and, what is constantly in your mind as you… View »

Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid - Competition

Big stuff is made of “competitive analysis” in the business schools and for larger businesses.  The idea is to analyze your competitors to determine your comparative advantages as well as their… View »

Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid - Strengths

I have always been a big fan of a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) because it can be done quickly and reveals a great deal about a project or new start-up.  For a sm… View »

Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid - Risks

Most people don’t like to think of the downsides of starting a business – they are excited and want to only think about all the wonderful things that are going to happen and how much money they are… View »

Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid - Marketing

Niche Marketing – The Smaller The Better   A common problem with many small businesses is the idea that the entire market is their market.  For example, a video production firm looks at the… View »

Marketing Yourself - Make Those Calls

Getting some of my solopreneur clients to market themselves is hard.  Getting them to make calls and follow-up with their networks and former contacts is almost impossible.  However, there… View »

Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid

Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid - Lone Wolves   Solopreneurs are not like other entrepreneurs and business people.  If possible, they really do like to do it all alone.  Their busin… View »

Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid - Products

Products are what people buy.  Services, programs, etc. are a tougher sell because people find it difficult to give money for something that is intangible.  Something that may, or may not,… View »

Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid - Goals

Solopreneur BM Pyramid - Goals   The goals of a small business owner have to jive with their personal goals in life.  They are inseparable and despite all the books telling you otherwise I… View »

Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid 3 Comments

A "solopreneur" is different than other types of business owners.  You're a "solopreneur" if you prefer running your own shop. You like being in charge, handling things yourself and understandi… View »


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