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Improve Your Team Management Skills: Four Areas to Focus on in 2015

Being a good manager is all about running the show effectively and delivering timely and quality results.…


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Important Features to Look For in a Small Business Phone System

When you own a small business, you want to have access to the same things as the big companies do. In most scenarios, this isn’t possible, but when it comes to simple office phone systems for small business, you can. With these systems, you are given access to high-end features, allowing you to compete on this front. Having a business system gives your brand a professional feel. If you’re looking for your small business to be taken…


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Options for Retail and Service Businesses Locations

Regardless of what your business might be, there are eight typical areas where retail and service business owners can locate including the central business district, neighborhoods, shopping centers and malls, near competitors, inside large retail stores, nontraditional locations, at home, and on the road.

Central Business District

The central business district (CBD) is…


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Happiness as a Business Model

Working on that - here's a first bit on the how and why I'm working on that:

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Bubbles always pop

This was the last post on my journey to give a simple overview on Adaptive Cycles:

In a next post I'll give an example of how I think this can be combined with BM Generation/Innovation.

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Develop a Solid Business Plan for Small Business

Manage Financial Resources

The best defense against financial problems is to develop a practical information system and then use this information to make business decisions. No entrepreneur can maintain control over a business unless he or she is able to judge its financial health.The first step in managing financial resources effectively is to have adequate start-up capital. Too many entrepreneurs start…


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4 basic business management skills

In order to enjoy success in management job, every manager must possess certain skills. Given below are the 4 basic skills that you must have to be successful in your management job.

1. Effective planning-planning is integral to every management task. Though the amount of planning and the type of planning required may vary from one job to the other, proper planning allows you to deal with the business contingencies and reduce its effect on the business production, sales, and other…


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About hierarchical links in an Ecosystem

A short post on external factors impacting on organizations. Still figuring out how to calculate this in when defining a BMC. Example, where to take into account that building the organization, the final ideas and insert them in the market may be heavily impacted by government regulations (which you may -Über- or not have been aware of...) -

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4 Stages, 4 Business Model focus points?

Further to the "1 +1 = 2, No?" post of last week, in these 2 posts I've tried to give some first descriptions of the 4 stages of adaptive cycles. Already due to the characteristics of the stages, there would be a different focus on Innovation throughout the cycle. Inherently that would lead to redefinition of an enterprise's Business Model when moving through the stages... Count to…


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Easy Tips to Gain More Twitter Followers

Twitter is a very effective tool when it comes to establishing a connection with current and potential clients. Check out this article for a…


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What to Skimp and Splurge on When Starting a Small Business

Few things are more exciting than becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business. Before you embark on this adventure, check out this article…


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1 and 1 = 2, no?

A next post in a series I'm pulling together as introduction on Adaptive Cycles (Management): 1 and 1 = 2, no?

These are not really dedicated to Business Model Generation, though with some creativity I start to see how the different phases need different Business Models, and can/should drive BM Innovation effort. Once this series is done I'll try…


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What Will Happen To The Internet When We Run Out Of Oil?

Managing one's way through an adaptive cycle, there's 4 stages that likely need different business models.

As it is cyclic, one should be able to build out on the business model from a previous cycle, adjusted with new (tech) innovation... Does this make sense?

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The importance of a Content Management System

A content management system is a system that allows one to form, create, manage and maintain websites pages while operating on a single interface. It consists of two elements, the content management application and content delivery application. Using this system, companies can easily build sites not only for themselves but also their clients. It increases efficiency and makes web content management much easier. These systems basically reorganize the web design to the content publishing to…


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Ecommerce market growth in US slows in the wake of competition from international retailers

Last year alone, the overall ecommerce industry in USA had generated USD 231 billion. By 2014, it is expected to grow by 13% to USD 262 billion. In comparison, the total consumer retail spending in the USA grew by mere single digits according to the United States…


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Increased cyber security threats across various industries driving the cyber security market

Cyber threats are digitized attacks to gain access to various kinds of information system and hack critical information through hacking, phishing and malware. It has the capability to access all the important information stored in various systems. The cyber security systems are…


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Where is the Corporate Patent War headed?

One of the most potent financial tools, patent analysis involves the use of patent litigations by companies with the aim of prohibiting competitors from developing products in the same category and thereby stifling innovation in the process. Today, the business world has shifted from being a place where value is derived from tangible assets, to one where value is now being derived from intangible ones. For most companies such as Intel, Hewlett Packard and Cisco, their value lies in their…


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The Joys of SEO & The Grail of Google's First Page

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fancy term for improving your website (and other things) so that when people look for you on a search engine, you come ahead of others.  Lots of books, thousands of firms and millions of posts and still SEO can be as confusing as explaining Climate Change to your…


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Why Strategyzer Created Value Proposition Design

Alex Osterwalder explains three reasons "Why We Created Value Proposition Design" in his most recent post on the Strategyzer blog.

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