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Transparency: The Foundation of Future Business Models

I will allow myself to start this article with a summary that could be considered as almost vulgar, but in all honesty - it is necessary to address this matter in proper terms. We’ve insisted for a long time on clearing all data opacity, and we’ve put all of our efforts into the development of services and technology to build a completely transparent system of communications and information filtering for more productive business models, that, believe it or not, we actually made a significant…


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Launch of

Innounity is the first ever Business Model Innovation Community.

Head over to and check it out.

Answer business model questions and distinguish yourself among the community of business model enthusiasts. 

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5 Lessons on Innovation in Business

Innovation is one of the driving forces of the business world – and working at a speaker bureau gives a fascinating insight into the different ways that successful business leaders approach innovation. The buzzword of every conference is ‘innovation’; every guest speaker’s content revolves around it. But is it really as necessary as it appears?

Everyone can agree that innovative strategy is necessary for a company to develop and grow – but is it the most important factor? If…


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The New Business Model for Contemporary Financial Planners: Gen Y

Over the last few years we had a chance to witness the upbringing of the now eminent business model for financial planners, based on a personal involvement, virtual consultancy and a completely different revenue stream. In the following commentary we will try our best to explain the importance of adapting your own business model to the internet market and how to do it successfully, what do you need to pay attention to and what are the key factors of your possible failure.



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4Q-Business Model Strip: The DNA of a Faster, Simpler, and Scalable Business Modeling Tool


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci


Of all strategies for business growth, the approach of creating game-changing business model innovation is widely acclaimed as the most profitable and defensible way of growing a business. Extraordinarily successful companies such as Google, Apple, Groupon, Uber, and Airbnb introduced game-changing business models in their industries. From my perspective,…


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Business Plan vs. Business Model vs. Strategy. Eliminate the Blah-Blah-Blah in Startups & Companies!


"Strategically executing and pivoting while tactically experimenting with your business model is most likely to translate an explicit vision and business plan into reality." Rod King


In the world of business today, there are 3 “Musketeer”-questions for which there seem to be a virtually infinite amount of answers or “Blah-Blah-Blah!” Entrepreneurs, strategists, investors, and educators alike are struggling to properly…


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Management by Business Models (MBM): A Better Way to Design, Analyze, and Manage Businesses


"A business model describes the way a business sustainably makes profit." Rod King


Throughout the decades, there have been myriad approaches for designing, analyzing, and managing businesses. One of the most popular and enduring approaches is "Management By Objectives (MBO)." Popularized by Peter Drucker in his 1954 book, "The Practice of Management," Management By Objectives refers to…


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How SEO Helps Small Businesses To Compete With Big Brands

It is believed that Google favors big brands, but at the same time the fact is that small businesses can compete with the bigger names for organic search engine traffic. Even though small businesses are tight on budget they can…


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Are All Ideas, Plans, and Visions Useless?


"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." Lewis Carroll


A small but vocal group of consultants are spreading the idea that "ideas and plans are worthless." At best, these people are misguided.

To paraphrase, George Orwell in his classic book, "Animal Farm," I'd say: "All ideas are created equal but some are more equal than…


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drop shipping business

Have you ever read about a business model called drop shipping? If not yet you can read this post here that shows what is drop shipping in more detail. To make things easy for you, drop shipping is a way of selling items online via amazon, ebay, your own store or on any other places without the need for having your product on hand. Instead, third party drop shipping companies will…


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How you can choose Woodwroking as a Business.

No money-making venture can be more promising than one that involves something you love and do best. If you have a knack for creating things with your hands as a hobby, like creating items out of wood, this could be a good moneymaking opportunity for you.

 Woodworking is…


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Even if you own physical store at high street, still you should set-up online store

By studying customer’s buying behavior here I have concluded some points for all those people who have a well-established store at high street but not an ecommerce website. In this article I have explained how their investment for ecommerce store is worth. You can also get my thoughts…


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Business Model Strips for Customer Growth Hackers: A New Business Model Notation System


“Customer Growth Hacking is at the heart of the Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER), the epicenter of which is in Silicon Valley.” Rod King


First, let’s take a short quiz:


 1. Is (s)he someone making TRADITIONAL BUSINESS PLANNERS obsolete?

 2. Is (s)he someone making TRADITIONAL MARKETERS obsolete?

 3. Is (s)he someone making TRADITIONAL…


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Customer Growth Hacking for Lean Startups: How Silicon Valley is Creating Billion Dollar $tartups


Traditional Business Planning theories and tools are becoming obsolete. Traditional Business Planning theories and tools are not keeping pace with the high rate of change and innovation in the startup world. Many startups are no longer using traditional business plans. Many startups do not formally start with applying Porter's Competitive Strategy or Value Chain. For the many billion dollar startups that…


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Developing a Business Plan for Entering a New Market

Many different companies are nervous about expanding into new markets because they think they lack necessary equipment, knowledge or skills. They thus decide to settle for minor profit in their home country, never tapping into the company's full potential. Investing in foreign markets is not that different from investing at home. There are more risks to consider and different laws, rules…


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4 Common Mistakes On Twitter That Prevent Marketing Success

In business, people tend to make mistakes at times, but it is not impossible to rectify or overcome them. As far as social media is concerned you need to be abreast with all the latest and correct marketing techniques to prevent yourself from getting any negative publicity.

Social media marketing is evolving at a faster rate and the notion behind it is to listen to your customers, engage with them and…


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Customer Growth Hacking (CGH): The First Thing You Need to Know


The late Peter Drucker once said, "The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer." How wise!

And what a customer-centric presentation of a business's main goal especially for startups: create and keep customersBut, how can entrepreneurs as well as startups rapidly and inexpensively acquire, retain, and grow customers?

To answer the above question, this article introduces the concept…


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A Family Owned Business: How to Start Your Own Restaurant

Starting a family restaurant can be a wonderful way to bring your clan together. However, rush in without the right research and your venture could tear your family apart. Read on to discover how to launch a successful family restaurant.


Make a Plan

Gather your family members and make a plan for your business. Think carefully about the food you’ll serve and your preferred restaurant style. Consider the dishes you enjoy and the restaurants you frequent. If your…


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To Burn a Business Plan or NOT to Burn a Business Plan? Can You Help Me, Now?


Dear Colleague,

It would not come as news to many that use of the traditional business plan is steadily declining especially in the world of Lean Startups. 


Some advocates in the Lean Startup world have even issued a war cry: “Burn the Business Plan!” But, should the business plan be burned?

Right now, we simply do not know whether the business plan should be burned. We…


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5 Principles for Radically Improving Your Creativity: The O.T.H.E.R. Loop


"The art and science of invention can be effectively learned as well as taught." Rod King


Almost twenty years ago, there was a polarizing argument in the magic (conjuring) community. Some magicians were arguing that invention of magic tricks could be learned but cannot be taught. In other words, learning to invent takes place mainly through tacit knowledge and experiential learning. Other…


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