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Solopreneur Business Model Pyramid - Goals

Solopreneur BM Pyramid - Goals


The goals of a small business owner have to jive with their personal goals in life.  They are inseparable and despite all the books telling you otherwise I have never worked with an…


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Eager Loading in Rails

Eager loading is a way to find objects of a certain class and a number of named associations.

Here I share an article on using it with Rails.

Please check it out - Eager Loading in Rails

Do let me know through the comments if you found it helpful.

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Perfect Launches Don't Happen - Sell Now!

The idea of a "perfect launch" after developing a "perfect business plan" and a "perfect marketing strategy" is the goal of many small businesses.  The truth however is that it rarely happens and is one of the hindrances to many good, small business start-ups.  Better to give it some thought and get out selling as…


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There is no "perfect pitch" for solopreneurs

4 Steps In Creating A Good Pitch


I don't know how many times I've developed the "perfect" sales pitch and found I had to throw it away the first time I used it on a customer.  In my mind (and on paper) I had anticipated the way the call was going to go, all their questions and how I was going to deftly answer them all.  Then, the call started and before I knew it they weren't asking the "right"…


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Learning From The Right Crowds – A Unique Opportunity

As promised on my previous post. Thoughts on learning and insights that can be captured when combining Open Innovation + Internal Crowd Sourcing:

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Why Ruby on Rails is Go To App Development Platform

Check out this post by Lauree Roberts and share your views on the same.

Why Ruby on Rails is Go To App Development Platform

Added by Harshada Thakur on July 2, 2014 at 1:09pm — 2 Comments

Common Mistakes in Ruby on Rails

Few common mistakes, must be taken care of while developing Ruby on Rails applications.

Check out - for more.

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Open Innovation + Internal Crowdsourcing = … Chaos or Opportunity?

First some thoughts on What can be done:

Still to come: Why, the learning potentials hidden in the process...

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THE LEAN STARTUP TRAP: Why are so many Lean Startups trapped in an Unprofitable Cycle of Build-Measure-Learn?


Question-Based Entrepreneurship (QBE) encourages entrepreneurs to focus on questions as well as challenge the status quo. Today's question is: Why are so many Lean Startups trapped in an Unprofitable Cycle of Build-Measure-Learn? 

Your insights and questions are welcomed. …


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QUESTION-BASED ENTREPRENEURSHIP (QBE): Why Startups Must Focus More on Questions Than Answers

***Right now, there's an explosion of information on how to build scalable startups. Approaches include the Lean Startup Method & Customer Development Stack. However, these approaches focus more on answers than questions. While answers may change from one startup or organization to the next, entrepreneurship questions remain relatively constant. A new presentation ( …


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World Cup as a "business game"

Something more light... in the spirit of the teams executing what needs to be done:

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Thoughts on the "Sharing Economy"

Disruptive Business Models, but are those truly the ones we need?

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THE DRAMATIC STORY CANVAS: Simply Create and Present Memorable Business Stories Using the Power of Fairy Tales


When you were a kid, what was your favorite fairy tale? Cinderella? Pied Piper of Hamelin? Little Red Riding Hood? Pinocchio? Imagine for a moment … Imagine … What made your favorite fairy tale so memorable? I guess that in every case, our answer is in one word: Drama! 

In today’s world of information explosion and big data, stories are becoming ever important for people to quickly make sense out of a deluge of…


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Women in Business Building Strategies Which Work

Becoming a successful business owner requires a great amount of dedication many of the otherwise innovative thinkers lack. We see brilliant startups crack each day under the pressure of the overwhelmed business industry in the larger countries. Yet, the condition of the Australian business industry is relatively different managing to endeavor entrepreneurs to embark in their creative ideas pushing to the top businesses such as 99 Designs,…


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Business Model Case Study: How Square disrupts the Banking Industry

Check out our Business Model Case Study about Square on Slideshare to find how it is disrupting the banking industry.

You find answers to the following…


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Ecosystem: The Next Big Business Buzzword?

My "background" thoughts on ecosystems. The importance of this post for business modelling will become clear in my blog posts in the next few months (but I had to get this penned down first).

Added by Patrick Verdonk on May 14, 2014 at 8:54pm — No Comments

Leading a two-day masterclass in London

Hi all;

July 3 & 4 I will be in London, UK to deliver a two day Business Model Generation masterclass partnering with Gabrielle Benefied of Evolve Beyond.

This will be the first time we have had a chance to partner on a workshop since we participated in the BMG certified trainer course with Alexander Osterwalder in Vienna last fall. I am located in Ottawa, Canada and Gabrielle is in London. We are excited to be able to combine our knowledge and experience and share that…


Added by Mike Lachapelle on May 6, 2014 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

Hierarchy is dead! Long live Holacracy! ...Right?

A little weekend read (it's a long weekend in Spain):

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Resilience rules! And Purpose is driving it. about likely the most important axis of the adaptive cycle: Resilience. Because it's the human side which plays an important role in the company's adaptability.

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