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Utilize the Operational Benefits of VoIP for Growing Business

Have you heard about the recent ‘cord-cutting’ trend? Essentially, consumers are discovering that they don’t necessarily need to maintain expensive cable plans or telephone subscriptions when they can get the same functionality at a lower cost by using the internet. This isn’t just something that a few consumers…


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Why Your Small Business Needs a Knowledge Base Management Software

Many are the times when people assume that their businesses are too small to require the use of knowledge base management software. Sadly this is as terrible a misconception as you might ever come up with so far.

At the moment business operations all over the world are coming to appreciate the use of software as a service (SaaS). One of the main reasons why this happens is because these programs have since become even more affordable and applicable in almost all business situations.…


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Cisco 200-310 CCDA Certification Exam - A Golden Opportunity towards Success

Cisco 200-310 Exam

The name of Cisco 200-310 Exam is Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions. The exam consists of total 55-65 questions and the durations of the exam is 75 minutes. The associated certification of the exam is CCDA and the exam is available in English language.…


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Don't let the Canvas limit your business model thinking

How to model Uber in the BMG Canvas?  Shouldn't the key activities and resources of the Uber driver, e.g. driving and a car, be included too! And what about a strategic partner? Shouldn't their key activities and resources be included too? See for some more detail on these ideas:

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Ways to Choose Database Monitoring Solutions

In the past couple of years, there have been some major changes in the security threats that any person can face online and regulatory compliance landscape any person does business in. Both of these things are focusing on data than just networks. We see breach disclosures growing every now and then, and with them grow regulations meant at protecting them.

These security risks are not so…


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How Useful Is a Virtual Team to Any Organization

Organizations today are quickly moving forward into new territory as markets expand and demands are increased.  The cut-throat and fast paced environment of today’s globally shifting economy means staying on top of new trends and technology can make the difference between your ship taking on water and sinking or opening up sails and harnessing the virtual wind.  When all the physical lands have been conquered where is there room for expansion except in the virtual world of technology? With a…


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How SEO Firms Can Help You Build Brand Credibility

The starting of a business is a hard nut to crack, but when it comes to building of credibility in a new market that is another horror story. You might need the help of a good digital branding firm to help you gain some credibility if you want to stay in…


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[German] first skatch of my thesis


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The 92% – how to support them?

In Europe we have 21.6 million companies. Around 92% of them are micro-companies. However, they account for only around 29% of employment and 22% of revenue.[1]

In total numbers this equates to around 20 million enterprises with a total of 38.6…


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How Knowledge Base Software Can Improve Customer Self-Service

When thinking about the benefits of investing in knowledge base software, it’s easy to focus too closely on the advantages of having an internal knowledge base to better support employees in doing their jobs. Indeed these benefits are many: knowledge base software can lead to consistency and accuracy in daily operations, reduced training time, better collaboration, and improved problem-solving, to name just a few.

Many companies are also experiencing significant …


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THE AMBIDEXTERITY PRINCIPLE: How Every Great Leader, Strategist, and Team Creates Win-Win Solutions


“Human progress greatly depends on our ability to create and adopt win-win solutions.” Rod King



Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, once said:

 Give me a one-handed economist! All my economists say, ''On the one hand, on the other [hand].''”

If I may literally interpret Truman’s quote, Truman was saying that economists tend to offer two unipolar solutions that…


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5 facts about chemical export in India

Chemical industry is one of the important sectors of India and it contributes almost 10% of total exports. Chemical companies in India mainly exports different types of chemicals in varied international destinations after meeting the local requirements. So if you want to become a chemical exporter then there a few things which you need to know before entering into this business.…


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Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models.

I’ve long been interested in the economics of abundance. Surprisingly there has been very little work done on modelling how businesses work in conditions of abundance rather than scarcity. In January 2015 I took the Business Model Canvas Workshop & Masterclass with Alex…


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Is bounce rate a ranking factor?

This is pretty tricky question and many industry personals are divided on the answer. There are many arguments can be given either way. Let’s discuss those arguments first and then conclude. The possible answers to the question is YES or NO. Many people say a tiny one, I have…


Added by Maulik Virparia on July 20, 2015 at 8:30am — 2 Comments

6 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Business in 2015

Being a business owner is a privilege, but it is also a responsibility – both when it comes to your employees and when it comes to society in general. Building an eco-friendly business is one of the best ways to give back not only to society, but also to the planet itself.

How to do it, though? How to be more eco-friendly? How to run a genuinely environmentally friendly company? Read on and find out more!

Be Smart about the Location of Your…


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A Simple Business Model Classification System for Every Industry on the Planet


"There are three business model shapes in every industry on the planet." Rod King


Millions of businesses and myriad business models exist in the world. However, every business or business model has one of three business model shapespipe, valley, or diamond. The graphic below presents a simple business model classification…


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Launch of

Innounity is the first ever Business Model Innovation Community.

Head over to and check it out.

Answer business model questions and distinguish yourself among the community of business model enthusiasts. 

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4Q-Business Model Strip: The DNA of a Faster, Simpler, and Scalable Business Modeling Tool


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci


Of all strategies for business growth, the approach of creating game-changing business model innovation is widely acclaimed as the most profitable and defensible way of growing a business. Extraordinarily successful companies such as Google, Apple, Groupon, Uber, and Airbnb introduced game-changing business models in their industries. From my perspective,…


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Business Plan vs. Business Model vs. Strategy. Eliminate the Blah-Blah-Blah in Startups & Companies!


"Strategically executing and pivoting while tactically experimenting with your business model is most likely to translate an explicit vision and business plan into reality." Rod King


In the world of business today, there are 3 “Musketeer”-questions for which there seem to be a virtually infinite amount of answers or “Blah-Blah-Blah!” Entrepreneurs, strategists, investors, and educators alike are struggling to properly…


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Management by Business Models (MBM): A Better Way to Design, Analyze, and Manage Businesses


"A business model describes the way a business sustainably makes profit." Rod King


Throughout the decades, there have been myriad approaches for designing, analyzing, and managing businesses. One of the most popular and enduring approaches is "Management By Objectives (MBO)." Popularized by Peter Drucker in his 1954 book, "The Practice of Management," Management By Objectives refers to…


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