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Business is a Roller Coaster (Part 4)

Closing the adaptive cycle with the 4th part of "Business is a Roller Coaster" (which doesn't mean I'm done ;-)

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Five Things You Didn’t Know You Needed When Opening a Business

Starting a small business can feel like an overwhelming process. In addition to a great idea, you also need a lot of motivation and discipline to pull it off.…


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The One Model That Visualizes How Every Living System or Organization Works and Prospers: BUSINESS MODEL CYBERNETICS

Holistic System Thinkers as well as Cyberneticians have long postulated the hypothesis that the structure of every living system or organization (including businesses) is the same and different. Yet, models to visualize this hypothesis are complex and difficult to understand, let alone apply in practical business situations. The Cybernetic (Living) System model of the emerging discipline of Business Model Cybernetics presents a…


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Business is a Roller Coaster (Part 3)

Release... start exploring what to do next, using Business Model Generation epicenters.

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Business Model Innovation: effectively meaningless?

Had to take a little side step from my roller coaster stories.

Added by Patrick Verdonk on March 14, 2014 at 3:40pm — 2 Comments

The CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CE) GAMEPLAN: A Universal Design Model For Answering the 5 Most Important Questions in Successful Organizations


Starting business design by using a Value Chain, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, or other business model visualization is a wasteful process in terms of time, money, and other resources that are consumed. The Customer Experience (CE) Gameplan indicates why. In addition, the CE Gameplan can be used to explain why some business models succeed while others fail, decline, or die.

A template of the Customer Experience (CE) Gameplan is available…


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Business is a Roller Coaster (Part 2)

The second part of the Roller Coaster series, available now! The next stage, climbing to the adaptive cycle's consolidation phase using Business Model Generation as technique.

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Business is a Roller Coaster (Part 1)

As promised, and because Eureka normally is a beginning, not an end, here we go. The first in a series of blog posts I'll try to publish with some regularity in the next coming weeks: Business is a Roller Coaster (Part 1)

Hope you'll find it interesting and enjoy the reading!

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Eureka! That's it!!

I started to write out my thoughts on how companies can use BM Generation/BM Innovation to better and continuously adapt themselves to the ecosystem they are part of.

Like to share these thoughts here as well, because this hub I believe is most likely to provide the best feedback/criticism to those post and thoughts.

Here's Eureka! That's it!!

(and more to come shortly)

Added by Patrick Verdonk on February 18, 2014 at 9:57am — No Comments

A New Business Model Tool: The Value Exchange Map

Ever wanted to draw lines and arrows within the Business Model Canvas to indicate interactions among the various players in a value network?

The Institute for Strategic Innovation in collaboration with academics at Georgia State University (USA), companies, and consultants has developed a new tool called the Value Exchange Mapping (VEM) System.  VEM works with the Business Model Canvas to provide a kind of “stereo vision” with respect to the business…


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The LEAN STARTUP LANGUAGE GAMEBOARD: A Fun Way to Learn and Master the Lean Startup Method


"The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries is one of the most useful books any entrepreneur, startup, or established business could get. I regard "The Lean Startup" book as the bible on continuous innovation. However, many entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses are struggling to translate ideas, concepts, and principles of the Lean Startup Method into practice. The high rate of failure of startups continues while the Lean…


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Developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton in the 1990s, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is the most widely used tool for managing the performance of a business. The BSC is used by the majority of companies in the Fortune 1000 as well as by many small and medium-scale businesses. The BSC focuses on managing a chain or “stream” of performance metrics rather than the output or traditional singular financial metric of profit.

In the presentation…


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5 things you should stop doing in order to avoid recruitment pitfalls

Given today´s highly competitive markets, recruiting the right talent is not always an easy task.

Have a look at 5 things you should stop doing in order to get the maximum returns from your recruitment process

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Applications of Business Model Innovation

I work as a product manager for a Mobile Network Operator. I am about to start a strategy development piece of work around Mobile data/internet, obviously something  that is now a key revenue generator for Mobile Network Operators. Although I know the business model innovation methodology is used analysing an organisation as a whole, I feel it could quite easily apply to  part of the business, in this case Mobile Data. Do you have a view on this at all?

Added by Neil Choudhary on January 22, 2014 at 4:20pm — 1 Comment

A Business Model Canvas-KILLER? Would the Business Model Canvas Evolve to Disrupt and Cannibalize Itself? Or, Would the Tool be Unchanged?


The Business Model Canvas can be considered as a graphic organizer (high level TreeMap) that shows 9 tessellated elements, tiles, or “building blocks” of an archetypal business model. Since the 2009 publication of Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur’s “Business Model Generation” book, use and popularity of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) have surged worldwide. 

The BMC is enthusiastically used by entrepreneurs,…


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The Business Model Jigsaw Game: Mastering the Game of Business Model Disruption


A few days ago, I posted a presentation: "Why the Business Model Canvas is Good But Not Great." In my view, the traditional Business Model Canvas (BMC) can be made "greater" by converting it to a Business Model Jigsaw Game which is a visual gaming platform for presenting business model tools as well as problem solving, planning, and innovation methodologies. 

The presentation below contains some ideas that focus on the main components…


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Why the Business Model Canvas is Good But Not Great


In a one-page graphic that could be accessed from the weblink below, I take a critical look at the Business Model Canvas.


What do you think?


Added by Rod on January 10, 2014 at 9:30pm — 5 Comments

Gradual SEO to increase traffic

2014 is going to be the year when SEO experts have to work hard and it is going to be the year of Gradual SEO. Gradual SEO means that you have to improve site rankings and increase traffic slowly on your website. If you are too fast big daddy is going to slap you hard. When everyone wants fast results and the first position in Google for their chosen keywords they have to realize that SEO has to take its own time. Let us understand why we have to go slow and the whole process in detail and…


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As published in Huffington Post, Ideas are the easy part ... 10 Concrete Steps to overcoming fear as an obstacle to innovation

Delighted to share latest post with collaborators Kevin McDermott and Daryl Twitchell on how courage and optimism are two of the daily innovator's greatest tools in overcoming fear as one of the chief obstacles to innovating within an established enterprise.

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Centralizing the BMG/BMC tools in foreign languages


A year or so ago, I know I could more easily find BMC's in other languages than English.  Though I'm an English speaker (native), I work in Europe and having a "centralized" place where you can find BMG tools like the Value Proposition Map, BMC, etc. in numerous languages would really be time saving and helpful.

Is there anyway someone could suggest that on the BMG site>Tools or even here in the Forum there was a link to such a place?

For example, I'm having a…


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