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Value Our Employees!

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Organization and Commitment

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PPAP is the Quality System

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Truth or Obfuscation

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New business models in high value manufacturing


Innovation in high value manufacturing frequently creates a need for new business models – new and varied ways of creating, delivering and capturing value.

In line with our High Value Manufacturing Strategy, the Technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £500k in feasibility studies to stimulate new business models supporting innovations in high value manufacturing. We are seeking feasibility studies across the whole manufacturing… Continue

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hello everybody,

I'm currently writing my master thesis on the topic

"The importance of business models of medium sized companies for Austrian corporate banks related to their loan decisions"

I would be grateful if you could help me with ideas, literature etc :) thanks :) 


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Design for Manufacturing

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International Material Data System-IMDS

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How Lean startup methodologies are used at Intuit India to develop a product

Fasal (Harvest in English) with current subscription base of over 1.2 million farmers across 3 states of India, provides daily market prices of crops via mobile SMS, helping farmers to sell their crop at nearby market at highest rate possible, and earn almost 15% more than before

How it works: Farmers register/update their…


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Revenue streams, customer segments and value propositions.

This past week I had some correspondence with a Hub member about aspects of business design and business models in the government context. I thought I would share some of the thoughts. The correspondent was having difficulty dealing with the financial components (cost structures and particularly revenue streams) in mapping the business model of an organization that provides services internally in the government.

It is a fundamental principle of any complete business model that revenue…


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Start your Business Models with Personas

While there are lots of great tools that support the business model canvas, there seems to be none that helps us to  get a feeling for the customer, his needs, pains  while defining the Customer Segments building block for the business model.

That's why I developed Personas for IPad, an app that will help you to iterate through your Customer Discovery process. State your customer hypothesis in a simple LeanUX…


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How to Design your Business Model with Mural.ly (for FREE)

There are multiple Business Model Canvas tools available:

  1. Business Model Toolbox for iPad ($29.99)
  2. Strategyzer ($14.99/month - $149.99/year with 2 free months)
  3. Lienzo (Free for 1 canvas, $5/month for unlimited canvases)
  4. Business…

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I have signed up for several online courses business and technology courses through Coursera. One of them, Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies, utilizes the Business Model Generation to supplement the course materials.

The Coursera technology course material that I have reviewed so far includes excellent video lectures and as well as valuable projects and exercises.

Coursera has much to offer and it uses the freemium business model pattern.



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THE PIVOT CHART for Lean Startup Problem Management (LSPM): Pivoting from Plan A to Plan B in the Age of Adaptive Planning and Performance Management


About two weeks ago, I discovered a blog post by Kevin Dewalt. The title of Dewalt’s post is “2013: Year of “How To” Lean Startup.” Dewalt summarizes the content of his blog post as follows:

“Lean Startup advocates have won the theoretical argument and the meme is spreading worldwide. Entrepreneurs are now telling me, “Ok, I get Lean Startup theory. But what should I actually DO?” For us to continue being…


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Interesting Tool: The Business Model Creator


Please see this prototype from "Syddansk University" in Denmark.

It is quite interesting. Theres is a youtube link explaning the concept.


Find it here:



/Jonas Giannini



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