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Lean Business Modeling: Rapidly Visualize, Analyze, and Design Business Models


"Every system undergoes continuous iteration from the complex through the simple to nothingness while getting its job done. Otherwise, the system dies." Rod King.


There are two distinct approaches on the spectrum of business modeling: "Fat" Business Modeling and "Lean" Business Modeling. "Fat" Business Modeling includes the first generation of business modeling tools such as Porter's Value…


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A New Way to Look at Eric Ries's Vision-Strategy-Product (VSP) Pyramid: The Lean Plan


“A Lean Plan is the modern vehicle for rapidly translating a vision into reality”

Rod King


Tucked away in Eric Ries's seminal book, "The Lean Startup," is probably the most important tool in the Lean Startup Methodology. It's on page 23 of “The Lean Startup” and it does not even have a formal name in the book. I and other people have called it,…


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LEAN STORYBOARDING: Successfully Facilitate Lean Improvement and Innovation Projects

(WARNING: This is a concept paper on the emerging paradigm of Lean Storyboarding. Some readers may find this article unusually long. But …)


“The Lean Startup isn’t just about how to create a more successful entrepreneurial business; it’s about what we can learn from those businesses to improve virtually everything we do. I imagine Lean Startup principles applied to government programs, to health care, and to solving the world’s greatest…


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BMC in Ecuador

Hi community. My name is Tamara Tapia, from Ecuador. I'm novice in business model canvas and I have in my hands the challenge of helping a new musical studio in designing its value proposition and its business model. Big challenge since I'm not exactly a musical expert (just a bath singer); so I will share my experience here. Glad to hear any suggestion.

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5 Steps To Stay On Track With Your Business Goals

If you own a small business, or you plan to start one in the course of this year, then you most certainly have made a rough (or a really detailed) annual business plan, or at the very least, you have put together a list of goals to accomplish by the end of the year. And this of course is all very well and much needed in order to make progress and achieve success in your field. However, as important goal setting is to business and self-development, the tricky part is actually keeping up with…


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Lean Startup Snowman for Lean Change & HR Management: Minimize Project Risk and Failure

Living systems including organizations must change or adapt in order to survive as well as grow. However, as we know all too well, change is not easy. In fact, the greater, radical, or more structural the proposed change, the greater the risk of failure. Perhaps, no area demonstrates more failure than the domain of Change Management in business. Large-scale Change Management projects in organizations are notoriously time-consuming and…


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Six Ways to Add Value to the Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas (“BMC”), proposed by Osterwalder and Pigneur in 2010, is a very powerful toolset to describe and develop business models. Not only does it help understand how a given business works today or may work in the future, it can also be used as the foundation for developing and / or enhancing a company’s operating model, that is, describing its functional landscape, its organizational structure and governance, its deployment of capital, and its…


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