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Four Reasons why the Business Model Canvas is NOT Too Simplistic

Alex Osterwalder’s business model canvas is a powerful tool. Its power has been demonstrated in a variety of contexts including large organizations and charities working in Africa (e.g. …

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Never have a Boss Again

How to be an entrepeneur

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The Path to Profit

Infographic for the map

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Building businesses that stand-for-something

New business with awareness

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A Blueprint for Effective Collaborative Innovation

Read Article

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Innovation for Rural Development

Inspiring Story of Indian Inventor Helping Change in Rural India

Arunachalam Muruganantham is the man behind the invention of Sanitary Napkins for poor women. It is a story which is a perfect example of ” Do not just give them the fish, but teach them how to fish”.

Arunachalam’s invention can produce sanitary napkins which are affordable to the women in rural India. The suffering of women was not attended to by most big organization in this…


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Utilizing KPI's in Business model innovation for Lean Startups and E-Commerce

Just recently came into an issue of BM innovation concerning a utilizing a Pay Cancellation rate KPI in an e-commerce startup and how this effects  revenues streams, customer development and churn.

 Would like to dive deeper in this discussion.

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E-Choupal of ITC Ltd,India-a good example of Muti-sided Platform Business Model


ITC Ltd is an Indian conglomerate which has successfully diversified into the businesses of Hotel, Paper boards & Packaging, FMCG and Agri-business from being a tobacco company.

e-Choupal (Choupal means village marketplace in Hindi) of ITC was originally conceived by ITC to be a channel for…


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Rising to the Challenge: On Leadership for 21st Century Business

In the third piece in our five-part series 'As If People Matter', Michael Townsend discusses the qualities that business leaders must show, if they are to shine in a changing world.

"A new generation of CEOs will emerge."

Ray Anderson

Founder & Former Chairman, Interface Inc.

Who would want to be a business leader in these volatile times? The debate about boardroom pay and excess rages, the global economy is so volatile it is hard to plan…


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5 Secrets to Great Coming Soon Pages

At first glance, a Coming Soon page appears to be a placeholder, something marginally better than the default someone-bought-this-but-nothing-to-see-here-so-move-along page.  Smart people are using it to reduce the pain of uncertainty, get to know their audience, and ensure that when they do launch, they have a successful launch day.  Here's five secrets behind great Coming Soon pages,

Know your audience


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The Business Model as a Technology

Business as Technology

A slightly left-field perspective on the business model concept.

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Podcast Interview with Business Model You author Tim Clark

Thought you might like this podcast interview I conducted with Tim Clark earlier this week. We discuss how the Business Model You book came about and some of its key themes. Many thanks to Tim for sparing the time, and you can hear the interview over on SoundCloud:

afluxtstate.com: Tim Clark Podcast Interview



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Why Telco’s are investing heavily in Cloud Computing?

In my precedent post - where I have analyzed the impact of Cloud computing technology on Telcos - I came to the conclusion that this impact was three fold:  Value chain, Operating Model & the need of strategic alliance.

read more…


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