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A Business Model Innovation Toolkit for Thriving in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) Environment ***

Many patients and other stakeholders in the US Healthcare Industry know that the industry is “sick” and rapidly becoming unsustainable. In technical terms, the business model of the healthcare industry is broken and patient unfriendly. According to a recent article by Leah Binder in Forbes (Online), the US healthcare system is…


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Six Sigma and BMG?

I run a Six Sigma site and am trying to stir things up a bit and add some new fresh angles to Six Sigma, and in this regard was interested to hear how Six Sigma can be combined with BMG, any case-studies, etc.? Also would you be interested in reading some Six Sigma & Lean related material such as case-studies, trends, ideas, etc.? I'd be very interested in sharing my knowledge with the community if any interest arises. You can visit me at…


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Business Model Canvas or Business Model thinking?

The Business Model Canvas presents us with a great tool for the design and innovation of business models. As with every specific approach or tool, the Canvas can also bias or blind us. This can be caused by the features of the tool itself as well as from the way in which the tool is (wrongly) used.

See this blog post for more information.

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The 4-Step Cycle for Kid-Entrepreneurs Who Want to Build the Next Facebook, Google, or Apple ***

The 21st Century will be known for many things. However, my bet is that the 21st Century will be known as the Century of Explosion in Entrepreneurship (CEE): entrepreneurs will be found anywhere and everywhere. The good news is that more than in any century before, people would be able to dream up ideas and rapidly launch innovative products and…


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Sticking My Toe In Business Model Generation Training

Tapping Into The Universal Mind

By sharing knowledge we help others and learn at the same time.  This is the thinking that motivated me to develop a short, free introductory Business Model Generation workshop for business owners in Trinidad. .

This is a premier event, although I am an experienced facilitator I have not attempted this particular training before.  My goal is to build a client base of business owners who will hire me as a business/ marketing coaching. The…


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Getting ready for Bootcamp Canvas The Game - June 5-7 Amsterdam

Three weeks from now, on June 5, 6, and 7 in Amsterdam, game developers, businesses and business model experts are going to work on the ultimate game for the Business Model Canvas. We are getting ready for it: the game developer teams have been selected, the industry themes have been decided on and the speakers are being briefed. 



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$ 65.5 Million Dollar Goal

Dear Friend,


Yes I said it! Atlast its in open..…


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The Global Enterprise Model (GEM) Canvas for the Google-Glass Startup: Will Customers Massively Adopt or Reject Google Glass?


According to some Analysts, Google Glass – which currently is a prototype of a wearable (head-mounted) computer – could earn Google about $10 billion in 3 years, that is, over $3 billion a year! Buzz about Google Glass has dominated the technosphere and social media over the past few weeks. However, the Google-Glass Startup has not yet answered the Billion Dollar Question (BDQ): Will customers MASSIVELY adopt or reject Google Glass?


Opinions are split…


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Three Amigos - Business Model You

I did a workshop recently and had fun with this one.  Worked very well. 

I am always looking for interesting and fun ways to get the point across.  The old farce was fun to remember and perfect for illustrating a pivot and customer empathy failure. 

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