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DREAM VIABILITY TESTING (DVT): How to Quickly and Cheaply Test the Viability of Your Dream Business Ideas


Consider this scenario which is a “Hollywood version” of a business case that I read several years ago in the book, “Discovery-Driven Growth,” by Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian MacMillan. The character, Bob, is a figment of my imagination. 

Bob, a father of two young girls, was recently made redundant. Bob is desperate to pursue his dream business idea of owning an antique toy store. However, Bob is seeking advice on the best tool for…


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Business model for a Caribbean island


I would like to know you views on this.

How would you use the canvass to create a business model for a Caribbean island? The Island has several sectors like tourism, harbour, refinary and offshore business.

And also what are the business middels for the creative people, ideal citizen on this island?

Does each sector have its own business model? Or are the sectors products and services in the island business model?

Are there any examples and… Continue

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How to take the BM to market

I have a clear idea of my business model. My issue is how to translate that into tools to communicate with potential customers?

That what seems difficult for me.


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Profit Model Classification System (PMCS): A Common Language and System for Visually Classifying Profit Models


“Profit is the oxygen of a business.”


Nowadays, the greatest threat to an established business is “Profit Model Disruption.” No established business can protect itself from Profit Model Disruption especially from startups. As Rita McGrath argues in her new book, “The End of Competitive Advantage,” nowadays the competitive advantage of businesses is more transient than sustainable. In a similar way, profit models are more…


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Speaking opportunity at our next VTH webinar

Hello fellow business modelers,
I'm the CEO of Fluent Brain and I am also building an online community of visual thinkers - the Visual Thinking Hub
I am organizing our next webinar with the Visual Thinking Hub and it will be on August 7th and focused on Visual Business Modelling. Dr. Henning Breuer from …

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10 Disruptive Business Models

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What is a BUSINESS MODEL? First, ReInvent Your Story. Then, Document and ReInvent Your Business Model.


There are myriad definitions of a business model. Many definitions of a business model are abstract, static, and boring. In today's world of transient competitive advantage, the last thing an entrepreneur, a startup, an organization, or executive wants is an abstract, static, and boring description of its business model. Employees and other stakeholders would also like to be engaged in business model conversations that…


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The 1-Minute Value Proposition Act for Alexander Osterwalder's VALUE PROPOSITION CANVAS: ReDesign Your Value Proposition in 1 Minute


“The essence of strategy is to find a different [but profitable] value proposition” 

Michael Porter 


The life and death of a business (model) depend on its Value Proposition. Everything a business is and does depends on its Value Proposition. In spite of the importance of the Value Proposition, especially for startups which have not yet found Product-Market fit, it's surprising that simple, robust, and scalable tools do…


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Hello all, my 1st post ! I have just begun writing for a major Coaching magazine.  Something struck me, as I researched previous issues, to establish where I could add value.  Namely. ... the industr…

Hello all, my 1st post ! I have just begun writing for a major Coaching magazine.  Something struck me, as I researched previous issues, to establish where I could add value. 

Namely. ... the industry jargon. It is a beautiful mag, yet the more I read, the more alienated I began to feel. It was a bit like The Office collided with Drop the Dead Donkey , 2 of the uk's best known comedy shows featuring management gobbledegook. 

Some top content.... buried amid corporatese. Using…


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Why it important to change how we understand customers

Some time ago I wrote about two reasons why I read and follow certain authors. There is something enervating in finding an author that shows you a way of looking at the world, a frame of reference that you haven’t previously considered that changes or expands your understanding of a subject. The second reason is where I discover an author who has articulated something that I have known or felt intuitively, but was perhaps unable to express clearly in my own right.

I am reading Rita…


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The 4 Interfaces for the Business Model Canvas and Storyboard: How to THINK OUT OF THE BOX for Business Model Innovation, Productivity, and Growth


The use of visual thinking tools and models is on the rise in business. Today, the most popular visual thinking tool is arguably Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas for organizing and managing ideas on business models. Prior to the Business Model Canvas, the world of business had visual thinking tools such as Porter’s Value Chain and Five Forces as well as Kaplan & Norton’s Balanced Scorecard and Strategy…


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