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New Strategyzer blog post: How to Run a Tiny Multinational

Here at Strategyzer, we’re made up of roughly 20 people spread across 4 continents, 8 countries, and 5 time zones. Four years ago we decided that from the start building virtual teams of professionals from around the world was the best way to attract talent, limit commuting, and avoid relocation. Could it be that tiny multinationals like ours are the organizational structure of the…


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New Strategyzer Blog post: 5 Questions You Never Dared to Ask About the Business Model Canvas

Millions of users have successfully applied the Business Model Canvas both in the startup and corporate world. Here are five common questions that people don't always dare to ask us.

read more.... ;

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Business Model Definitions, Frameworks and Classifications

For those who have shown an interest in my business model whitepaper in the past, there is an updated paper in the new 'Journal of Business Models.' See my blog for more information.

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New Strategyzer Blog post: The Future of Strategy and Innovation: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Picture strategists and innovators using tools and processes enabled by Computer Aided Design (CAD) just like architects and engineers do every day. That initial idea for Strategyzer was born 14 years ago when I started a PhD with Prof Yves Pigneur. In this post I'll…


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A primer on the business model canvas

This is a project I have had on the back burner for quite a while. Glad to finally have it in a shareable format.

The link below is to a slideshare posting of the primer. In the document I look at each of the building blocks, as well as the best practices and ground rules taught by Alexander in the masterclass.…


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Does the business model section of a business plan document cause any effect on the outcome of a business plan application for funds?

Hi guys,

My name is Marcelo de Resende, I am currently studying at Essex University. I am due to start my end of course research.  My initial idea is to conduct a research on the following subject: 

Osterwalter A, and Pigneur Y, (2006) talked about how their business model approach should be fitted within the traditional format of business plans. In it,…


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Improve Your Health Solopreneurs - Try Stretchclock!

Many solopreneurs are deskbound these days or working from a laptop in some coffee shop.  Particularly when we are focused on getting certain tasks done, we can stay that way for hours on end.  The result?  We get stiff, out of shape,…


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Affiliate marketing and voucher codes

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to increase web traffic, by teaming up with affiliates, brands can cast a wider net and see a lot of success. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is more than just one way to do it. Two of the most common are content marketing and voucher codes. Proponents of the former tend to be fairly critical about the latter. But are voucher codes really as bad as some make it out to be. Here's a look at some arguments for and against…


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Tarzan Rule – Solopreneurs Need Time Away

I just finished a nice, long weekend get-away, canoeing and hiking in the bush.  Caught a few fish each day and enjoyed them with a nice glass or two of wine each night.  Now, you may or may not like my verson of time away from the job, but…


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SPAM in the Community

Just registered as I was fascinated & intrigued by the Book and I wanted to contribute to the Hub. Unfortunately, I immediately received SPAM from other registered members, what can I do to eliimante this crap?

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Study in Malaysia

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Malaysia has more than 500 Universities and Colleges currently offering a host of programmes ranging from Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and PhD.

At this juncture, Malaysia has…


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Here Most Important Points Of Onpage SEO Are Listed Belows.

 Here Most Important Points Of Onpage SEO Are Listed Belows.

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