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The Story of Oliver Bloggs, a Lean Canvas Storyboarder: From the Business Model Canvas through the Lean Canvas to the Lean Canvas Storyboard

These days, at nearly every large gathering of entrepreneurs especially those in the Lean Startup Movement, you’ll hear the requiem for the traditional business plan being loudly played: “The traditional business plan is dead. The business plan is dead.” 

Although the Business Plan thinks that reports of its death are highly exaggerated,…


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LEANER STARTUP INNOVATION: The 3 Most Important Tools for Innovators Who Must Solve “Wicked Problems”

In the world of business, one question that intrigues authors and theorists as well as entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses is the Radically Successful Business (RSB) question: “How are Radically Successful Businesses (RSB) created and managed?”

The RSB question has flummoxed authors such as Tom Peters and Robert Waterman as well as Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. The selected excellent and Built-To-Last…


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Opening Business Models Inc. offices worldwide

Business Models Inc., the international strategy and business model consultancy agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is opening a network of ten international offices as from September 2013: US (Palo…


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Any ideas for a new model for corporate training?

We deliver sepcialist Performance Management services - how to hold difficult conversations, engaging the workforce in their performance etc.   A huge amount of what we deliver requires groups of employees to get together for training and engagement sessions.  It works, but its slow.  The HR professionals inside the busines find it harder and harder to get people to attend, and even when they do, it can take months to roll out a solution to a client.  E-learning has of course had an effect…


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THE LEANER STARTUP MODEL: The One Storyboard for Systematically Translating Eric Ries’s Lean Startup Ideas, Principles, and Method into Reality

In 2011, Eric Ries published his groundbreaking book, "The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses." In his review of the book, Steve Blank commented: "The roadmap for innovation for the twenty-first century. The Ideas in 'The Lean Startup' will help create the next industrial revolution." Tim O'Reilly added: "I imagine the Lean Startup principles applied to…


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