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Google's Business Model: A Comprehensive Visualization of How Google Makes Money

Google needs no introduction. We know that Google is a search engine giant and makes tons of money. Google achieved Blue Ocean Success by developing and executing a highly innovative business model.

But, how does Google's business model look? How does Google's business model work? How can one analyze Google's business model with a view to innovatively disrupting it?

To answer the above questions, see the presentation below: …


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back in town

after two long and extremely interesting days in munich at the business model generation seminar i just a arrived back in vienna.

on the way back we immediately shaped out a new business model for some new businesses. i'm very exited to continue an these and to test them.

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The late Steve Jobs was a genius at many things. For me, Jobs most enviable quality was his gift of deeply knowing people especially prospective customers. I believe that this quality of deeply knowing and emotionally connecting with people is at the heart of the phenomenal success of Jobs’s product portfolio at Apple. Just consider the Blue Ocean success of the following products: Apple II; Macintosh; iPod; iTunes; Apple Store; iPhone; App Store;…


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Setting-up my 'Team of Creatives', to realize my vision for revolutionizing retail, as we know it




Day one, of setting-up my team.


Gathering-up as many contact points for reqruitement as possible, including in this site for any freelance designers living in London.


Once the team is set-up we can get on the creative task of getting this of the ground, because I can guarantee to all, that this will be BIG.


Really big. 

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Personal and Business DNA Maps for DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONS

Google. eBay. Amazon. And Facebook? These companies have been phenomenal business successes. But, how were they created? How are they managed? Can anyone systematically create a Google, an eBay, an Amazon, or a Facebook? Right now, it’s improbable. However, the odds for success are increasing.

In this posting, I briefly present my lens for looking at the black box of creating companies that achieve extraordinary disruptive innovation success. In storytelling or…


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Business Model at the FESPA Global Summit 2011, Barcelona

I presented TBMG to about 80 members of a group of industry leaders of the Visual Communication world, members of the FESPA, see

All very excited, so expect new members to our community. HB

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Business model template

I made a template in InDesign (CS3) to help me work through the sections of Business Model generation. I'm new to InDesign so it is a work in progress. If you find it useful and make improvements to it, please post it for others to use. The zip file contains the InDesign formated file and a pdf is include for those who don't use InDesign.…


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