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Is there a way to do an audio book from the BMG?

I can help.


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Why is a blog on Enterprise Architecture Important for Business Model Innovation Hub?



The last post was purposely written with some "highfalutin-techno-geek" terminology in an effort to generate feedback – like – what is this technical stuff doing on a business web site?  Today’s post answers that question. 


As stated in the book The Business Model Innovation Factory by Saul Kaplan:


A business:

1- creates value (what)

2- delivers value (how)

3- captures value ($)


I would like to…


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Business Model Generation - a mindmap of Alex & Yves book

Hope you find this useful.... 


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What's your favorite tool for mapping business models, ecosystems, and value chains as well as documenting business plans?


The Business Plan is the traditional document that established businesses and non-profit organizations as well as startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators use to document their strategy and tactics for achieving goals in projects. However, the traditional business plan is voluminous,…


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Enterprise Architecture - definition

Observation from the Field (OFF) – it seems that the definition of Enterprise Architecture (EA) changes with each client visit. 

Some organizations position EA as a “technology” initiative focused on software architecture concerns.  Other organizations have a broader “organizational” perspective and focus on the value that technology brings to the enterprise.  I’d love to gain your perspectives on….

How does your organization define Enterprise Architecture?



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The One-Page Abundance Plan: How to Transform the Lives of 1 Billion Customers in 10 Years


On October 10, 2012, I gave a Small Business University (SBU) workshop in Clovis, California on the “One-Page Abundance Plan.” The running theme of my presentation was “Think Big and Different.” Using the vision of the Abundance framework, which is espoused by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler in their 2012 book “Abundance,” I presented the One-Page Abundance Plan as a visual tool for systematically translating…


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Small business debt repayment – Know your prospective options

Are you someone who is a business owner and who is wondering about the rising business debt that is marring the reputation of your business? Business debt can usually occur due to several reasons like sudden expansion, poor financial management and lack of revenue. However, whichever reason might have played a part in pushing you further into the debt hole, there are ways in which you can let go of your debt burden. If you're not aware of the ways in which you can get out of debt, you might…


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The Inspiration & Creativity Fondation

Hello Business Model Hub!

Started my own foundation called The Inspiration & Creativity Foundation (I&C) with the Business Model Canvas. 

Seems like it's the best business model I could find. 

Thanks to all the people who are invented the book and make a huge step forward.

best regards from switzerland

Matthias Kalbermatter

CEO / Founder

I & C Foundation

I & C Projects Group

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Silicon Valley's Pyramid Of Sacred Textbooks (POST) for Lean Startup Project Management: Reinventing How Entrepreneurs Learn and Grow Insanely Great Companies


Ted Greenwald, in a May 2012 article in Wired magazine, lists the 6 "Sacred Textbooks" that high tech startups use in Silicon Valley. These textbooks are must-haves for high tech or lean startups.

Although the "sacred" textbooks have great principles, ideas, and tools, they present different frames of reference so that transferring knowledge from one book to another is fraught with difficulties. The…


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