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As published in Huffington Post, Ideas are the easy part ... 10 Concrete Steps to overcoming fear as an obstacle to innovation

Delighted to share latest post with collaborators Kevin McDermott and Daryl Twitchell on how courage and optimism are two of the daily innovator's greatest tools in overcoming fear as one of the chief obstacles to innovating within an established enterprise.

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Centralizing the BMG/BMC tools in foreign languages


A year or so ago, I know I could more easily find BMC's in other languages than English.  Though I'm an English speaker (native), I work in Europe and having a "centralized" place where you can find BMG tools like the Value Proposition Map, BMC, etc. in numerous languages would really be time saving and helpful.

Is there anyway someone could suggest that on the BMG site>Tools or even here in the Forum there was a link to such a place?

For example, I'm having a…


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Enterprise social networks : A business model perspective

Some thoughts on the business models for providers of software for Enterprise Social Networks

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Why I Brainstorm on Business Model Using Digital Whiteboard

Hi everyone, I'm Anna, marketer, community manager, event organizer and COO of university business incubator. Due to my activity, I'm working on business models a lot – sometimes personally, sometimes with my colleagues and partners, sometimes I consult startups. Recently I realized that the most convenient way to work on business model is to combine offline and online tools – it allows to talk face to face, then back to the results and collaborate. The online tool I and my…


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The Business Gamification Pyramid: A Simpler, Faster, and Funner Way to Design Gamified Business Models


Gamification is a two-edged sword. Gamification represents both danger and opportunity. But first, what is “gamification”?

According to IT Research and Advisory firm, Gartner, “Gamification is the use of game design and game mechanics to engage a target audience to change behaviors, learn new skills or engage in innovation.” For me, gamification involves the seamless use of game strategies, tactics, and tools to entertainingly…


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