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Changing face of business model

What will your business model look like few years from now? For instance Zenith Bank that started as high-end customer segment is now shifting to customers with zero Naira deposits. Why? It obvious banking model has changed to banking as a platform.
New innovation is changing the face of business model breaking boundaries, competition and redefining how customers perceive value.
In few years to come will Bitcoin reinvent the wheels of banking?

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How to Start a Business in Your Spare Time

There are entrepreneurs out there who are either very brave or very stupid when they throw themselves behind their business. Without a second thought, they quit their job and put all of their efforts into the business. For most of us, this isn’t a viable possibility. The fact is that we need that main source of income to fund the business in the first place.

Which means finding a way to somehow…


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How to Make the Switch From Virtual to Physical Office

Very few startups in 2017 start with a physical office space from day one. It can take months, even years, of toil before the work of your company pays off enough to produce enough money to rent a space. Which is why when you - finally - do, you want the process of moving to a physical space to be as successful as possible.

After all, how long can your business continue to thrive with you working out of…


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Top 10 Lessons You Need to Learn as a Marketing Startup

Starting a business can be a difficult prospect, so starting a marketing agency is no different. There is no exact formula for success - no matter what anyone tries to tell you - so working out the best course of action is down to you. Which means, unfortunately, there are a lot of hard lessons to learn along the way.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a heads up about some of the difficulties…


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What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

As a new business or sole trader, working out the complicated world of insurance and taxes can be difficult. But it is extremely important for your business model and its long-term viability. Insurance, in particular, is necessary in order to prevent a disaster in the case of legal action against you from a client.

So, what is professional indemnity insurance and how can it protect your business model in the long term…


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