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Online Help Authoring Tool Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

For any business that wants to remain competitive, it is vital for it to be in touch with its customer base. This holds even more true when it comes to ‘help documentation’ such as information about a product and its features, instruction manuals, blueprints and similar guidelines. Such documentation is necessary for the safe and easy operation of a product and may also be useful for creating better insight for different services.

However, it is not easy for even the most…


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New to

I have agreed to become a Mentor for a team participating in an NSF Icorp launchpad program for validation or otherwise of new product incubation.
The initial tool to be used in the process is a Business Canvas Model which I have not used before by Alexander Osterwalder. Has anyone any experience of using this tool?

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Tips on Choosing Your Advertising Platform

When it comes to advertising, there is no one size fits all theory in play. The type of marketing that you do as well as the medium that you opt for should be dependent on your business. No matter how creative, what works for one company may fizzle with another. It is all about matching the advertising platform to your brand. As the internet and its many social media outlets grow more prolific, it can be difficult to decide which path to take. To make this a little easier, consider each of…


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3 key trends that drive your retail business in 2016

Do you want to prepare for the future of shopping? It is high time to look at the key trends and innovations that are changing the retail industry today and at least try to adjust your e-Commerce business accordingly. Retail landscape is constantly evolving, striving for perfection in customer experience. And if you want to stay at the forefront of the market, you’ll have to keep pace with the industry leaders.

  1. 1.       Blurring the…

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Formation Business Model Canvas le 22 septembre à Paris

Animé par un entrepreneur pour les entrepreneurs !

Workshop Business Model Innovation

Le 22 Septembre 2016 à Paris

1 jour…


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Ways on How to Identify Stakeholders in Your Business

Stakeholders comprise of individuals or groups of individuals who are related to the organization or affect the objectives of an organization either directly or indirectly. As a business owner, you have to identify your stakeholders before you can manage them. Most businesses will sort help from PR Agency in Melbourne who can help them achieve such an objective. Stakeholders will be classified in different levels…


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Attending BM masterclass in London, UK

I will be in London May 9-14 to attend the UK Masterclass with Alex, May 12-13. Great opportunity to be in the room with the guru for two days, insights and practices for business model and value proposition design.

Any hubbers keen on catching up or discussing BMs, let me know, we'll see if we can connect.

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As you might know, the partnership canvas has been around for some time. I’ve had interactions with many people, and applied the canvas to different challenges in partnership design.

Based on that experience I have created a presentation where I synthesize my learnings about partnership design, and applying the partnership canvas.

Have a look at…


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How Small Businesses Can Thrive in today’s Big Business World

Small businesses may seem at a disadvantage when compared to larger firms simply due to their restrictions: most have smaller staffs (sometimes as little as two people), smaller budgets, and fewer resources to draw on. However, thanks to a number of different factors that have come into play today, small businesses can actually hold their own in the market, even if they’re directly…


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Design Thinking + Business Model Innovation

Maybe also of interest in light of the recent Strategyzer post on DT & BMI.

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How established companies design and implement new business models

Hi BMGEN Community. I recently completed a research project on how established companies design and implement new business models. You can download the results at

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Customer's Participation is essential in Branding

Digital Branding is all about active users, from integration to Accessibility and connectivity. With that in mind, it will be without litigation to conclude that creating a "participation platform" where customers can co-create and operate with choiced brand/company will increase brand image retention, promotes company's image and encourage customer engagement. 

The simple model of engaging customers/clients to participate in a company's image/digital structure creates a unique sense…


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Don't let the Canvas limit your business model thinking

How to model Uber in the BMG Canvas?  Shouldn't the key activities and resources of the Uber driver, e.g. driving and a car, be included too! And what about a strategic partner? Shouldn't their key activities and resources be included too? See for some more detail on these ideas:

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[German] first skatch of my thesis


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The 92% – how to support them?

In Europe we have 21.6 million companies. Around 92% of them are micro-companies. However, they account for only around 29% of employment and 22% of revenue.[1]

In total numbers this equates to around 20 million enterprises with a total of 38.6…


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How Knowledge Base Software Can Improve Customer Self-Service

When thinking about the benefits of investing in knowledge base software, it’s easy to focus too closely on the advantages of having an internal knowledge base to better support employees in doing their jobs. Indeed these benefits are many: knowledge base software can lead to consistency and accuracy in daily operations, reduced training time, better collaboration, and improved problem-solving, to name just a few.

Many companies are also experiencing significant …


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THE AMBIDEXTERITY PRINCIPLE: How Every Great Leader, Strategist, and Team Creates Win-Win Solutions


“Human progress greatly depends on our ability to create and adopt win-win solutions.” Rod King



Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, once said:

 Give me a one-handed economist! All my economists say, ''On the one hand, on the other [hand].''”

If I may literally interpret Truman’s quote, Truman was saying that economists tend to offer two unipolar solutions that…


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Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models.

I’ve long been interested in the economics of abundance. Surprisingly there has been very little work done on modelling how businesses work in conditions of abundance rather than scarcity. In January 2015 I took the Business Model Canvas Workshop & Masterclass with Alex…


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6 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Business in 2015

Being a business owner is a privilege, but it is also a responsibility – both when it comes to your employees and when it comes to society in general. Building an eco-friendly business is one of the best ways to give back not only to society, but also to the planet itself.

How to do it, though? How to be more eco-friendly? How to run a genuinely environmentally friendly company? Read on and find out more!

Be Smart about the Location of Your…


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A Simple Business Model Classification System for Every Industry on the Planet


"There are three business model shapes in every industry on the planet." Rod King


Millions of businesses and myriad business models exist in the world. However, every business or business model has one of three business model shapespipe, valley, or diamond. The graphic below presents a simple business model classification…


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