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Is Your Strategy Flexible and Agile Enough to Compete?

Strategy and innovation are critical elements that are prerequisites for companies as they compete for market share, maintain their current markets or are seeking to expand their markets.  Strategy should be worn as a lose garment that is flexible and agile to allow companies the ability to respond quickly to changes in the business environment.…


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Scalably Design Your Disruptive Business Model and Lean Startup As Well As Secure Venture Funding/

There is an emerging school of thought which advocates that startups should ‘pitch’ their business models rather than business plans. Accordingly, startups should present their business model using a one-page business model map such as the Business Model Canvas. Prominent proponents of this school of thought include…


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Why is a blog on Enterprise Architecture Important for Business Model Innovation Hub?



The last post was purposely written with some "highfalutin-techno-geek" terminology in an effort to generate feedback – like – what is this technical stuff doing on a business web site?  Today’s post answers that question. 


As stated in the book The Business Model Innovation Factory by Saul Kaplan:


A business:

1- creates value (what)

2- delivers value (how)

3- captures value ($)


I would like to…


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BMG Webinare für Deutschsprachige Firmen

Ein Gedanke: Ich möchte eine Serie Webinare zum Thema BMG / Customer Development / Field Tests usw. für deutschsprachige Firmen anbieten.

Was sind Eure Erfahrungen? Wer hat Interesse und in welcher Form mitzumachen?

Herzliche Grüsse

Olivier Georges Gemoets

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The Secret Lives of Business Models: Part 1

The article below highlights why everyone on the planet should understand the topic of business models. To summarize, survival and prosperity of the human race depend on the evolution of business models. However, business models are intensely secretive ...
Find out how and why:…

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How to use the Business Model Canvas for Integrated Business Model Innovation, Strategic Planning, and Performance Management

In the 'Wish List' for the Business Model Canvas, members of this community have asked for information on how to integrate the Business Model Canvas with tools such as the Balanced Scorecard, Value Chain (Analysis), and Value Stream Mapping. The web link below leads to a presentation where the Business Model Canvas is incorporated in a visual platform that facilitates the visual integration of the Business Model Canvas with the many tools of Strategic Planning and Performance…


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How The Love of Music has changed our Business World

Over the last decade, there was a Giant Refresh in the Business World:

  • Many destroyed value chains,
  • Business Innovation everywhere,
  • Various new markets with new leaders,
  • Empowered & emancipated Consumers.

This is the story about how the love of music laid the Foundation for many Innovations in the past 12 years, turning the Business World upside down.



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I'm currently doing research on bestselling innovations (Blue Ocean/Disruptive Innovation products and services) and I'm interested in hearing what you consider to be "Top 5 Bestselling Innovations."

My questions are as follows:

* What are 5 products/services that you regard as "bestselling innovations"?

* What do the products/services have in common?

Thanks in advance.

And best regards,

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My Innovator store is up and running, check out custom designs for innovators around the world!

My Innovator store has custom designs for innovators, strategic thinkers and business designers. New content will be added weekly! You can customize products for your own expression and product taste. Check it out!*

<embed src="…


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