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Attending BM masterclass in London, UK

I will be in London May 9-14 to attend the UK Masterclass with Alex, May 12-13. Great opportunity to be in the room with the guru for two days, insights and practices for business model and value proposition design.

Any hubbers keen on catching up or discussing BMs, let me know, we'll see if we can connect.

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Certified trainers as a resource

I have moved the list of certified trainers to the Blog Section to keep thin formation accessible to anyone who may wish to link with a resource support.

AustraliaJames King: james@kingsinsight.com

BelgiumMatty Paquay: matty@paquay-group.com ; Bruno Wattenbergh: bwa@abe.irisnet.be

BrazilFabio Nunes:…


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A primer on the business model canvas

This is a project I have had on the back burner for quite a while. Glad to finally have it in a shareable format.

The link below is to a slideshare posting of the primer. In the document I look at each of the building blocks, as well as the best practices and ground rules taught by Alexander in the masterclass.…


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Leading a two-day masterclass in London

Hi all;

July 3 & 4 I will be in London, UK to deliver a two day Business Model Generation masterclass partnering with Gabrielle Benefied of Evolve Beyond.

This will be the first time we have had a chance to partner on a workshop since we participated in the BMG certified trainer course with Alexander Osterwalder in Vienna last fall. I am located in Ottawa, Canada and Gabrielle is in London. We are excited to be able to combine our knowledge and experience and share that…


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Report on the Train the Trainer event in Vienna

Well, I finally got some sit down time to write about the 2-day Train-the-Trainer session I attended. It’s been a fantastic week here in Vienna (we threw in some vacation time as well) and we have worn ourselves to a frazzle.

The Train-the-Trainer (herein known as TtT) session was organized by Strategyzer, Alex’s company behind all the workings of Business Model Generation and the arm that is working on tools. The concept was to bring together a cohort of BMG experts from around the…


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Coming to Vienna for Trainer Session - looking to connect with Hubbers


I will coming to Vienna to attend the Train the Trainer workshop (Oct 28-29) and I was hoping to have a chance to meet with some of the local members of the Hub. Would love to get a feel for the work being done, and how you are using the canvas in your business pursuits.

I will be in Vienna for October 23 to Oct 31. 

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Why it important to change how we understand customers

Some time ago I wrote about two reasons why I read and follow certain authors. There is something enervating in finding an author that shows you a way of looking at the world, a frame of reference that you haven’t previously considered that changes or expands your understanding of a subject. The second reason is where I discover an author who has articulated something that I have known or felt intuitively, but was perhaps unable to express clearly in my own right.

I am reading Rita…


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Requirements for using the Business Model Generation Tools

NOTE: To preserve this information for reference I have moved it from News to the Blog Posts section. That keeps it available for people who are interested in this information

There have been some questions posted lately asking for guidance in using the tools associated with the Business Model Generation (BMG) approach - the Business Model (BM) canvas and the…


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Revenue streams, customer segments and value propositions.

This past week I had some correspondence with a Hub member about aspects of business design and business models in the government context. I thought I would share some of the thoughts. The correspondent was having difficulty dealing with the financial components (cost structures and particularly revenue streams) in mapping the business model of an organization that provides services internally in the government.

It is a fundamental principle of any complete business model that revenue…


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Digital Innovation in Health Care Delivery

This week I attended a conference on Digital Transformation In Health Care. There I met Dr. Glen Geiger of the Ottawa Hospital and heard him talk about one of the most impressive innovation projects I have seen in some time. I was most taken with how this initiative intuitively applied so many of the BM Generation and Customer Development principles.

The problem / job-to-be-done

The Ottawa Hospital has for the most part the standard IT support for…


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On the BMG Canvas modifications and adaptations

For those who have read my critique of Garrett Delcourt's work should not take it to mean I do not wish to see people re-think the concepts and try different approaches. Often from re-thinking by other people some very interesting insights happen. This is my understanding of the reason Alexander released the work under creative commons rather than copyright.

Ash Maurya created an approach called…


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My business model knowledge network

So here it is - I was in a discussion with a group of young entrepreneurs, talking about various elements of business models and customer development, and they asked me if I could sum up all the people and approaches that have influenced my thinking about business models. Interesting challenge.

So I put together a snapshot as a network model of the key thinkers and approaches I use in my business innovation work, enjoy.…


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10 Books to Read - 5 People to listen to

In my discussions with an organization here in Ottawa that supports young entrepreneurs, the program coordinator asked me make some recommendations for the potential entrepreneurs to read and to follow. I thought this would also be good to share with the hub community as it is very relevant to business models and innovation

10 books to read


Business models
- Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder &Yves Pigneur (my bible - I think everyone…

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Zoo Innovates business model for ecological benfit

The Toronto Zoo has created a program aimed at connecting corporate and government organizations with nature and the principle of environmental footprint. More importantly, the program can show them a business case for improving their bottom line through improving the efficiency and green-energy of their operations.


Read more about it here. Here's the canvas of…


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Business Model Generation 2010 Conference in Rotterdam

Last week I had the very good fortune to find myself in Amsterdam and Rotterdam to spend time with my colleagues in the business model community and discover new friends in the leancamp community. The reason for my adventure from Canada to the Netherlands was to join Patrick van der Pijl and Camilla van den Boom at the 2010 Business Model Generation conference hosted by

Business Models Inc. and Kluwer (publishers of the Dutch version of Business



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New game to test your talents - Dragon's Den

I was relaxing at home recently and, in my usual channel flipping state of mind, came across the program Dragon's Den. For those of you not familiar with it; a group of venture capitalist investors (usually 3-4) form a panel and entrepreneurs are brought before them with their business ideas and products/services. If the 'contestants' are capable of convincing the VCs, they can walk away with some very serious funding. Apparently this show is done in a number of countries, I think having…


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Life mimicking video games - EA's business model innovation

It's Saturday morning here in ottawa, and I am having my coffee and watching English Premiere League soccer and was struck by an interesting business model innovation in which life (i.e. sports) has begun to imitate video games.

I recognized the style of graphics that were being used for score, statistics and information about the game; they resembled the style used in Electronic Arts FIFA Soccer franchise video games. Then I noticed the EA logo being displayed in the…

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Sharing a business model - music co-op

For more than 20 years there has been an extraordinary acoustic music mecca in Ottawa - Rasputin's cafe. It's the kind of restaurant where the regulars help themselves to the beer and wine fridge, and the dessert table. At the end of the night you tell the owner what you had, and pay up your bill. It makes me very proud to say the trust was never abused. The heart of this oasis was acoustic (folk) music. Each night of the week there were genres or themes. Monday - celtic night, Tuesday - open… Continue

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