7 Blunders of Customer Service a Knowledge Base Helps You Avoid

Customer service is one of the most important things in modern business. This is especially important for business organizations that focus a lot or all of their efforts on selling products or services online. This is because traditional customer service traits you can add to your business cannot be implemented in the digital environment and it’s important for a business organization to come up with solution that can help online customers get the experience they will feel happy with.

On the other hand, consumers in the real world want to get the best service possible as well and even though companies are working hard on improving their customer service, the race is constantly on and businesses are always looking for new solutions and methods of improving their service. One of those new solutions not many people know of are knowledge base systems.

This is a quite versatile tool that can help companies avoid a lot of terrible customer service mistakes and help a business stay competitive. So, let’s get to those blunders and see what role a knowledge base can play in preventing them.

  1.Slow customer service

There is nothing worse than having a slow service. Customers simply hate it when they have to wait a long time to get what they want. Modern consumers want to have it all, and they want it fast. Businesses that make people wait lose customers, and this is a fact. There are so many companies in similar markets and they need to deliver good service quickly or their customers will go to another business.

Knowledge base solution:

A knowledge base system allows a business organization to hold all its valuable information in one place and search for products, packages, or services in a built-in search engine. With this feature, employees can give customers all the information they need promptly.

  2.Not being able to provide information

One of the worst things you can possibly say to a potential customer is “we don’t know” or “we are not sure”. People just want simplicity and nothing else. They want to come in, ask questions, and get the answers which are valuable to them. If a business cannot answer questions related to their services or product it’s immediately perceived as unprofessional and unreliable.

Knowledge base solution:

Think about it, if you can’t give answers about your business then who can? Like I said before, a knowledge base contains all of the important information that concern your business and your business processes. If you update it regularly and work on it constantly, you will never miss any information that might be important to your customers.

  3.Giving customers inaccurate information

It is vital for a business to give exact information to customers. Not only to customers, but it’s also important that the right data circulates between employees and departments. If somebody makes a tiny mistake and delivers faulty information to somebody else, it can turn that small error into a major issue that can result in customers getting the wrong products, being charged more, or not being taken care of at all.

Knowledge base solution:

A knowledge base platform delivers exact information. If you put in the exact data into your knowledge base system the chances of someone making a mistake when accessing that information are minimal.

  4.Not implementing live chat to your website

One of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make when it comes to online customer service, if you rely on your website to sell products or services, is to have no live chat software on it. This is one of the best tools for improving customer service online, as it gives people an option to seek and get answers instantly.

The other side is reserved for a person from customer support who can give all these answers quickly and help assure potential customers that they can get what they want. Simply put, it simulates the real world interaction people have with employees at stores.

Knowledge base solution:

A knowledge base will only improve the efficiency of your live chat software. When a person from customer service has a knowledge base with accurate information that can be accessed easily, he or she will be able to give valuable answers to customers online and help them make a purchase.

  5.Bad communication between employees

Not creating a clear communication pattern between employees can destroy the quality of customer service in many ways. The whole process can be delayed, products can be late, orders can be swapped, customers can be forgotten and the list goes on…

Knowledge base solution:

A knowledge base platform is available to all employees. They can communicate and collaborate through it and tackle processes using it. They can offer additional information to each other on it and communicate efficiently and precisely and avoid costly mistakes.

  6.Not updating your services or products promptly

All of the services or products you offer, discounts, special offers and similar things need to be updated very quickly. When a potential customer sees something on your website, and it clearly shows that you have a product in stock you cannot allow it to go out of stock without updating the information on the product page.

Knowledge base solution:

As soon as you get something new in your store or you run out of something, you should update your knowledge base data and adjust it to show a clear picture of your stock. Additionally, when you are running low on something you can see it in your database and make plans to restock in advance, so that there are no customers waiting for you to restock your store.

  7.Excessive number of people in customer support

For a lot of businesses, the customer support issue is that they need a lot of people to address all their customers, but they don’t get any measurable returns on which they can rely. They either lose money on a lot of employees, or lose customers by not having the means to help them accurately.

Knowledge base solution:

Given the fact that a knowledge base improves the whole information flow, analysis, collaboration and transparency, a single employee in customer support will be able to do two or even three times more with this tool. He or she will deliver information quicker and answer questions in less time, meaning that he/she will be able to turn to the next customer in no time.

When you avoid all of these things you will deliver a much greater customer experience and this is very valuable for any business. This is how you build a loyal customer base that can hold your profits on a steady level, while you make efforts to grow your business even further.

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