anyone tried bmg on existing mature business plans

Any one using bmg strategies to retest existing models to assess new insights or best practices?

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Comment by Mike Lachapelle on November 19, 2013 at 6:02pm


1. I am not quite sure of the value of 'rewinding' the current business. We often talk about the speed of change in light of the relevancy of one's current model. However, what relevance does looking back at the start point have, when the current environment has probably changed drastically from the point of origin of the business?

2. The tricky part about looking at internal units of an organization, e.g. sales department or customer service, is to clearly delineate who the target segments are for that unit, and to ensure that all relevant segments are understood. When you think of a unit like the customer service department, the question has to be asked about the revenue they have for their operation. As no element of the BM should be an orphan, then the BM has to reflect who is the source of the revenue and what is the value proposition for that segment.

In the case where that internal unit is delivering value to segments outside the company, it might be a good idea to unbundle the business model to reflect internal and external focus.

3. on training - there are two day masterclasses offered by Alex through Strategyzer (see here) and later this year Strategyzer will be launching an on-line course, based on a study at your own pace approach.

Comment by Gary D. Soto on November 14, 2013 at 2:38pm

Mike thank you for the reply and comment –

I am interested in few things as a business coach who desires to provide BMG to our clients for the following purposes.

  1. To provide a time machine review where the current biz plan of the client is back-tested by rewinding their current biz plan to day one. Then re-evaluating and reassessing it thru the BMG tool, strategy and ideology. Looking for best practices that can be implemented as new or improvement of the ones in place. As a plus any new ideas that come up within the 9 keys areas that are new and exciting to pursue. This is a remarkable approach and tool at the very beginning of a start-up. My belief is it may also be a good tool and exercise to do when you already been in business as a way to look back at your current model with a different mindset and filters.


  1. It would seem to me that I s start-up fame and fortune. I am curious on your thoughts on this example. I am thinking a customer service department would benefit from doing the model to improve their service level and retention etc. Likewise a sale department could do the same to improve their sales. Are some of the members here using the model in this manner as well?


I would be interested in discussing further with anyone who is applying the BMG process in an intra-departmental manner with functioning companies who are already in business.

Lastly where can someone get more training are there certification tracks of training available?

Thank you Mike!

Comment by Mike Lachapelle on November 14, 2013 at 1:19pm

In have worked with both existing companies and government organizations to assess their business models and create innovation. I am sure there are quite a few member who have done this type of work.

What particular aspects are you interested in discussing?

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