Hi all,

This morning Alex and I picked up Alan Smith and Mike Overdijk at the hotel at the lake. Unfortunately it is raining... Well, that makes us working. Nobody slept very well last night. I guess because it will be a busy and exciting day. A lot to do.

Finally we have the whole team together today! As Alan is based in London, Yves and Alex in Lausanne and Mike and myself in Amsterdam it is not easy to meet up. And everyone has a busy schedule as well... Writing, designing and business modeling.

We jumped into the University @ 9 this morning where Yves was waiting for us in the project room. So cool, we have everything at hand! Technique, the white walls, designs of Alan...

Today we discuss the design of the book , the progress on the chunks, we draw the business model with Mike and we set the program of the event... Feel free to join on the blog... We keep you posted...!

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Comment by Alex Osterwalder on April 29, 2009 at 12:31am
It was a really cool and productive day!

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