Business model for a Caribbean island

I would like to know you views on this.

How would you use the canvass to create a business model for a Caribbean island? The Island has several sectors like tourism, harbour, refinary and offshore business.

And also what are the business middels for the creative people, ideal citizen on this island?

Does each sector have its own business model? Or are the sectors products and services in the island business model?

Are there any examples and has this been done before?

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Comment by Runy Calmera on July 24, 2013 at 1:40pm
Mike thanks
Working from the government's perspective would be a great idea. The boundary of the sector is the island's territory/boundary. There are key resources on the island. The island has some clients/customers and needs to provide value added to earn money. I'm just starting with the business model canvass so I don't know all the concepts used. There are some sectors like tourism, financial services, harbour, freezone generating most of the money. And basically the countries strategic position in these markets are at stake. Internally it is also a matter of redistributing the wealth. How much do the employees get? Is this a good business model for them? Knowledge is one of the main resources. The business model needs to innovate and do something with its skillsets. Basically there needs to be a shift where all employees become more service minded.

There is one big "threath". Most of the raw material is imported. As a small island this is a characteristic which can not easily be changed. The suppliers of raw materials wants to be paid in foreign currency. This forces the company to play on the international markets.
Comment by Mike Lachapelle on July 24, 2013 at 1:16pm

Some years ago I asked John Zachman, the grandfather of Enterprise Architecture, how does one define an enterprise (in our terms a business). He said an enterprise can be defined at many levels, but the characteristics of an enterprise, in its simplest expression, are a demonstrable boundary with a decision authority in charge of the activity, a 'buck stops here' position.

Translating that into your question, to treat the island as a single business there would have to be some unifying element for all of the sectors that would have an authority directing the activity and decisions. This is usually the role of a government within a political bounder. So you can develop a business model for how the government does it's work, at a whole or department or even unit level. However, it is unlikely one could treat an island, or a sector as a business in and of itself.

One could create a model or generic business representing a given sector to examine how a typical business in that sector works, however as with most generalized models, that has limited value to understanding the context of a given business.

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