CRITICISM; A Catalyst for Business Development

Earlier this week, I came to a statement made by Gabriel Babalola, a political science professor at the university of Lagos. His state meant triggered my Business Psych to initiate a version that resonates with the Business-Customer relationship.

His statement: “Government at all levels should know that criticism is a catalyst for democratic development”

My Version: Enterprise at all levels should know that criticism is a catalyst for business development.

Criticism is a catalyst for business development

When your customers criticize you, Be thankful. They are simply offering you a service, a free and honest feedback service.

Most Times when we get this (Negative) feedbacks, ego and proposed expectations pushes us to feel threatened, we bring and wonder what part of our strategy failed us, sometimes we take this customer to be a group of unsatisfiable -hard-to-please group of consumers, some enterprise would blame it on the C.R.M, C.M.O or the Brand manager, when the fault is actually in the way we perceive the feedback (criticism).

We need to understand that criticism is inevitable in business (customers will always criticize at some point or the other). This criticism may come off as a challenge, sometimes a compliment, or as a market demand.

Simply Expressed:
They want you to be better - Challenge
They are saying “ You can do better” -Compliments
They want you to be more efficient, responsive and transparent. - Demand

It is the time we start seeing customers as sincere business partners whose contribution is to taunt us, tempt us and push us to the edge till we deliver the best values we can.

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