1. Business is about People

In your business affairs(Regardless of its nature), you’ll inevitably find yourself negotiating with people, delivering products or services to people, and getting paid by people.

Every Business needs an audience(customer). It is almost impossible for any business to exist without the people to whom it's product or services.

People are the essence of your business and are crucial to its development. 

2. Design Counts; It is the skin of your company. 

The design takes a vital stance in how people perceive and value your company. 

From Business Model Design to corporate identity and business communications, your design gives people the impression of what it’s like to relate to you.

What most business professionals lack is the design to complement their business skills

3. The Key to marketing is Media

In a world where marketing is everything you communicate to a potential customer, and an average consumer has a higher propensity to communicate and transact via digital technology, media is the most effective tool. 

Media has the power to effectively combine entertaining content with business (marketing) intents. 

“ The rapid adoption of media technologies highlights the importance of knowing how, why, and when media can impact, persuade and facilitate behavior” -MPRcenter.org

4. The Locus of Innovation is shifting from firms to the ecosystem.

This si the answer to why SMEs are taking over from corporate giants. it is the shift in strategy. it is about who can amass the larger ecosystem of consumers, provide a consistent and authentic face to the customers, demolish internal organizational silos and relinquish a certain amount of managerial control.

It is all about the companies that can create an integrated experience that turns customers into fans, quicker.

5. The barrier between formerly distinct industries is collapsing.

Acerbating competition, dynamic strategies, innovations and digital capabilities are shifting the focus from products and services made by solo entities to the cross-sector customer experience.

We need to form new partnerships with organizations that sit far outside our traditional industries or partnering model. 

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