How to Boost Online Sales Revenues by Combining Instagram and Email Marketing

Email marketers are constantly struggling to find new subscribers to increase the base of potential customers. The situation becomes all the more galling when you consider the overwhelming rush of users signing up for various social media platforms. Indeed, so much has been the growth of social media users that many people had written off email marketing as being outdated and dead.

However, with more than 2.7 billion users globally, email continues to be among the most preferred modes of communication. Smart marketers are now trying to integrate the power of social media, especially platforms like Instagram, to make email marketing even more powerful than ever before. Some tips on how to boost your online sales using a combination of Instagram and email:

Why Is Instagram So Attractive For Email Marketers?

Instagram has become the darling of online marketers for a number of reasons. It has not only grown at a scorching rate since its inception to have over 800 million monthly active customers but also proven to deliver the highest rate of engagement among all social media. It may be surprising but it is a fact that Instagram’s engagement level is 58 times that of Facebook and over 120 times that of Twitter.

With its huge pull, Instagram is ideal for increasing brand visibility, which makes it worthwhile for businesses to buy real Instagram likes. However, the real challenge is to use its power to acquire potential leads and encourage them to purchase products and services from the website.

Methods That Can Help You Grow Your Email List by Using Instagram

Email signup form access through the bio link: It is important to optimize Instagram so that you are able to collect as much information as possible with the signup form that can be accessed by clicking on the link in the bio section. When you know more about the leads, you will be able to cater to them better. Email signups will only happen if you provide attractive incentives; there is a fine balance between what leads would like to have and how much you can afford. Typically, the freebies comprise discounts, free downloads, entry to contests, and product samples.

Use relevant content to nurture leads: You should not push your products the minute someone signs up but try and deliver content that he finds relevant and useful that will help you to build your credibility. Ensure that you are familiar with every aspect of the subscriber like purchasing habits, gender, location, interests, etc. before trying to suggest a sale. Focus on making his interaction with the brand interesting so that he is more engaged and liable to transact and even share and recommend it to others. Transactions will automatically happen when the time is right.


Once your relationship with the email subscribers has stabilized, you can start sending offers along with Instagram-inspired content that’s not only interesting but delivers value to them. Newsletters over email can keep your subscribers invested with your brand even when they may not have an immediate need for a product.



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