Leadership Skills List: Tips on becoming a better manager

There is always room to improve your management skills because let’s be honest it’s not easy to be a great leader.

Few people seem to be just born to be leaders. The whole thing comes very naturally to them. But for most of us there is a lot of work to do before we can say: “Yes, we are great managers” and be proud of it.

By simply following these awesome tips you will be able to become a better manager. You can also get more useful advice by looking at the infographic below.

1. Delegate wisely

Many managers feel that they need to check every single thing their employees do. This is not the best approach.

A good manager has the ability to delegate effectively to his employees the responsibility of completing a task and the authority to get this done.

This way you will kill two birds with a stone by increasing the amount of work you can accomplish while developing the confidence and work skills of your employees.

2. Communicate

Many bosses don’t communicate very much with their team. They just let their employees follow whatever task they have been assigned.

Good leaders make the effort to effectively communicate with their staff often. By communicating with your team you will make them feel more involved and worth it within the company.

In addition to that, you will be able to pass on important information they might need to complete their job fast and efficiently.

3. Make time for your employees

Being a leader is a people’s job and requires outstanding people skills. Make yourself available to your staff at any time.

Even if you are up to your eyeballs with work, when one of your employees asks you to have a word, don’t turn them away.

Set aside what you are doing and listen to whatever they want to say. Focus on them and make them feel you care.

4. Set goals

Whether you do it daily, weekly or monthly, remember to set goals for your team.

By doing this you will give your team purpose and directions but you will also ensure that they are working towards the company’s goals. Set specific goals and monitor them regularly to make sure they are working towards achieving them.

5. Recognize achievement

We all like to feel good knowing that we have done a good job and your employees are no different.

There is nothing worse than putting lots of effort into doing something and not having a clue if what we are doing is good and effective or if it’s a total waste of time.

Do recognize the good work of your employees. Good managers recognize and reward a job well done. That will make your employees feel worth it and will give them incentives to keep on the hard work.

6. Emotional intelligence

Good leaders need to have strong emotional intelligence to be able to control and deal with their own emotions under all circumstances.

They need to be able to control themselves in stressful times and when under pressure but they also need to be able to empathize with others’ emotions, especially their employees’.

7. Collaboration

Managers know how they want things done. Sometimes they make the common mistake of wanting to do everything themselves. They believe they are the only ones to be able to do it that certain way.

Good managers know how to build partnerships with other people and how to work together to achieve a shared goal faster and more effectively.

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