Looking for Business Model Innovation in Advertising Agencies

With the beginning of the digital revolution, advertising agencies lost their 'identities' and focus. The lines between media agencies, advertising agencies and marketing departments became blurred - Which competence should now (in the future) be provided by whom? The players have to find new answers to the question: Which job has to be done? (By whom?)

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Mit Anbruch der digitalen Revolution begannen Agenturen das Stolpern und 'verloren' ihre Identität bzw. ihren Fokus. Grenzen zwischen Mediaagenturen, Werbeagenturen und Marketingabteilungen verschwimmen immer weiter – Welche Leistung/Kompetenz wird momentan/sollte zukünftig von wem angeboten werden? Die Player müssen sich eine Frage neu stellen: Which job has to be done? (By whom?)

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Comment by Max Forcett on September 2, 2010 at 10:16am
True. Actually the clarification of the business model should be covered by strategists or business consultancies. So ad agencies could start from this point... In real life, clients do not have any explicit picture of their business model. So ad agencies have to draw the big picture beforehand they think about communication...
Comment by Mike Brlecic on September 2, 2010 at 8:08am
I believe that the true function of an ad agency is to teach. Specifically, I think ad agencies should teach clients what their business model "is" and "should be." And I think ad agencies should teach their clients how to advertise; how to communicate. This was always the true purpose of advertising agencies but was pushed aside in favor of media buying and production. By and large, the internet has brought us back to the original intent and purpose of advertising agencies.

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