One-Page Visual Model of Eric Ries's Book, "The Lean Startup": A Visual Checklist

"Every Extraordinarily Successful Organization Begins Life As A Lean Startup Project"


Eric Ries's book, "The Lean Startup", is an excellent book on how to develop startup projects under conditions of great uncertainty. Traditional summaries of "The Lean Startup" are in a linear list form. The presentation below organizes parts and chapters of Eric Ries's book, "The Lean Startup," in the form of a visual model that is called "One-Page Lean Startup."


In addition, Eric Ries's phases of "Steer" and "Accelerate" are presented on an S-Curve that illustrates how successful startups evolve. The One-Page Visual Model of Eric Ries's book, "The Lean Startup," can be used as a visual checklist to explain as well as facilitate application of the Lean Startup methodology.


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